Furniture Care and Tips

Furniture Care and Tips

Posted 17 January, 2013 by Claire Young in Other

We care about our products at Oak Furniture Solutions and are keen to pass on a few tips to help you look after your furniture too.  We feel that furniture is an investment which you will hopefully see through many years of usage; therefore it is something to be treasured and cared for.

Of course it is not always easy to know exactly which are the best ways to treat and maintain your furniture especially when there are such a large variety of wood types and finishes available.

Some tips to remember such as keeping furniture out of direct sunlight and in front of windows if possible are probably just common sense, but really worth bearing in mind. This would be particularly harmful for dark furniture such as our Lyon Walnut range (see below) where light damage would be especially noticeable.

Keeping furniture away from heating and air vents is a given as well as using coasters and place mats.

Oak Furniture Solutions has a wide selection of solid wood furniture ranging from solid pine to oak which feature high quality lacquered and oiled finishes, sealing and protecting the wood from moisture and dirt. Avoid using household solvent-based products on furniture with these types of finishes, such as abrasive bleaches or stain removers. For light oak products such as this Lyon Oak Open Shelf Unit, we would recommend simply applying a wood wax or removing stubborn stains with a damp cotton lint free cloth.

Cleaning your furniture regularly will help maintain its value and it is vital to clean your furniture by following the grain of the wood. What happens when in a worst case scenario you notice dents and chips in your furniture? We suggest using a toner pen which is readily available from supermarkets or hardware shops. Make sure the colour matches by testing it against the underneath of the item in question. For more severe dents a small putty stick is ideal and can repair holes in an instant. Use a plastic card to remove excess and then use a soft cloth to smooth the surface.

Dark pieces of furniture are more tricky to repair and may need more robust repair products. Touch up fillers are probably what you need for this; available and easy to find in most hardware shops. These are normally called 'burn-ins' and are made from resin and shellac. The beauty of these is that they can be used on a multitude of different furniture and are not limited to a time frame because you can heat and reheat them. These come in a crayon type form and are simple to apply.

Most importantly remember to keep checking your furniture to ensure you don't miss any warping or discolouration. The longer you leave it the more tricky blemishes and marks will be to remove.

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