Scandinavian Style Furniture - The Complete Guide

The Complete Guide to Scandinavian Style Furniture

The Complete Guide to Scandinavian Style Furniture

Posted 11 September, 2015 in Blog

Beautiful designs, serene colours and wonderfully understated, there’s something everyone can appreciate in a typical Scandinavian home. Scandinavian Style has been making waves in the world of interior design for a long time, and the current trend is only getting stronger, so we take a look at the history of this influential style and tradition, and reveal how you can get the look in your own home.

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Scandinavian Style in the Living Room
Scandinavian Style in the Bedroom
Scandinavian Style Nursery

What is Scandinavian Style?

Scandinavian style is fairly minimalistic. It’s about showcasing clean and simple designs, which have been inspired by nature and the climate in Northern Europe. It is a style that has been formed with the intention of catering to everyone, with an emphasis on understated beauty and enjoying home life.

Scandinavian style goes hand in hand with the Scandinavian way of living. Scandi style has an important philosophy behind it; the word is ‘hygge’. ‘Hygge’ is a Danish concept that stems from a Norwegian word which roughly translates as “wellbeing”, it’s about adopting a way of life which embraces all things simple, calm and comforting such as nature, family and relationships.

History of Scandinavian Style

Scandinavia is the region that includes Denmark, Norway and Sweden. Deeply rooted in the traditions and lifestyle of Northern Europe, Scandinavian style has involved with the culture it has been born with. 

The Scandinavian furniture design style that we are all familiar with now started with the cultural Modernism movement at the end of the 19th century. The movement transformed the design industry at the time with the idea that quality and beautiful furniture should not reserved for the elites, but available to all. The idea that beautiful things made your life better was highly regarded. Nature was a huge inspiration for the movement and really influenced the colours and design style: delicate nature-inspired forms, fluid shapes and graceful lines.

Scandinavian is not only a distinct style in its own right, it has inspired and informed many design movements along the way including contemporary and mid-century modern interiors. 

Scandinavian Style Interior Design

Scandinavian style interior design is about creating a space that fills you with a sense of ‘hygge’ or wellbeing. Long winters and longer nights means that light is incredibly important in Scandinavian homes.

The windows are big, the curtains are sheer (if there at all) and the walls are almost always white. Wood is extremely important for adding a sense of nature and warmth to a room, and is widely used on floors and walls as well as being the predominant material used for furniture. When it comes to accessories and decorating

it’s all about combining practical, stylish, rustic and chic elements together to create a harmonious design. 
Get the look: Scandinavian

Get The Look

Get the Look - Scandinavian Interior

One. Contemporary Danish Inspired Mirror
Two.  Teal upholstered dining chairs
Three. Scandi-style coffee table
Four. Retro style bookcase

Scandinavian Style Furniture

Scandinavian style furniture balances function with aesthetics, creating furniture that is beautiful by only using what is needed, no extra fuss or embellishments.

The use of simple clean lines and fluid contours is extremely important and gives this style its elegance. 

10 Scandinavian Style Secrets 

  1. Light, light and more light - Scandinavians believe a bright home is a proud home with nothing to hide. So let the light in! If you do not have big windows in your home, you can use several sources of soft ligthing in each room. Keep curtains minimal or sheer, or use blinds or shutters in the bedroom. 
  2. White - White walls not only make rooms feel bigger, they help to create a sense of openness and give the impression of more light. 
  3. Bursts of vibrant colour - Bright colours make everyone feel more cheery and are important for stopping your rooms from feeling cold, they are also important for helping create that sense of ‘hygge’. Save bright colours for accessories and artwork.
  4. Elements of nature - Being in nature is an important part of Scandinavian lifestyle, so it’s no wonder Scandi homes are filled with potted plants and evergreens.
  5. Play with texture - Linen, burlap, faux fur, wool - use a mixture of natural materials to crate cosy    corners in your home.
  6. Mix and match furniture styles - Do it like the Danish and use a mix of rustic, chic, vintage-style and contemporary furniture in your home. Try having a traditional table with stools in your kitchen, or hang a vintage lamp next to a modern armchair.
  7. Wood - After light, wood is probably the next most important factor in your home. White painted wooden furniture is extremely popular in Scandinavian countries, but natural wood is also used to add warmth.
  8. Streamlined storage/space? - Scandi homes are generally quite minimalistic, so it’s a good idea to have some streamlined and hidden storage round the house to help keep it decluttered.
  9. Graphic prints - Scandinavian prints are a great way to complete a scandi-style room. Group three different but complimentary prints on one wall for a modern look.
  10. Hygge - Fill your home with things had give you a sense of ‘hygge’, the things you love and the things that make you happy! 

Get the Look: Scandinavian Kitchens

Get The Look - Scandinavian Dining

Contemporary Dining Room by London Interior Designers & Decorators Owl Design

Get The Look: Scandinavian Dining

Unhung pictures give this dining corner a typical Scandi laid-back feel, but the choice of furniture still keeps things chic. Here’s how we’d recreate the look

One. Graphic Feather Prints from Etsy
Two. Round Walnut Painted Extending Dining Table.
Three. Retro-style walnut dining chairs 

Scandinavian Style in the Living Room

There are lots of styles of furniture and accessories in this living room, but it still works because of the matching and minimal use of colour.

Scandinavian Style in the Bedroom

Scandinavian Bedroom Inspiration

Scandinavian Bedroom by South West Home Builders Honka UK Ltd Scandinavian Bedroom by Scotland Architects & Building Designers Brown + Brown Architects

The use of dark wooden furniture in a white room adds a sense of sophistication and drama to these bedrooms. 

We love how open and light this Scandinavian Bedroom looks, here’s how we would recreate the style.
Get The Look - Scandi Bedroom

Get The Look: Scandinavian Bedroom

One. Oak double wardrobe
Two. Grey bed throw
Three. Burnt orange cushions
Four: Oak chest of drawers
Five: Contemporary oak four poster bed

Scandinavian Style in the Nursery

For more inspiration for decorating a Scandinavian home don’t forget to check out our Scandinavian style page.

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