Get The Look! Recreate our favourite spooky rooms from Pinterest!

Get The Look! Recreate our favourite spooky rooms from Pinterest!

Get The Look! Recreate our favourite spooky rooms from Pinterest!

Posted 27 October, 2015 by Benjamin Gardiner in Blog

5 Halloween pumpkins silhouette against orange background

The days are getting shorter, the nights are getting longer, and the darkness will soon engulf us all...It's time for Halloween!
Whether you're a sucker for ghoulish fun or find yourself cajouled by thrill seeking kids, it's best to go all out this Halloween. If you have time in between all the costumes, pumpkin-carving and trick or treating, you may want to decorate your home into a creepy Halloween themed living space! 

Have a look at these five Halloween themed rooms for some spooky inspiration! Click the picture to see our Pinterest image!

Candles, ornate mirror and bed
Nothing says gothic horror more than antique-looking metal and wildly guttering candles. An ornate brass bedstead and classic candlestick holder can provide the prerequisite haunted castle feel, while playing with the eerie quality of candlepower can only help add to the mood. A sumptuous metal mirror can also add to the effect – even if it won't help you see the vampire coming up behind you!
Good quality sofa and chair with footstool and sheet.

The Dining Room That Time Forgot

Without doubt the easiest Halloween decoration but also one of the most effective, you can achieve the look of an abandoned house by simply buying sheets and covering all the furniture. A couple of armchairs and a little footstool would suit perfectly. If you are left with any sheets spare you could always dress up as a ghost and jump out at your family!
Imitation crow, room shelf, spider web and candle holder

Shelves can provide handy storage in everyday life but they are also perfect for displaying a number of Halloween-themed accessories. A creepy black crow accompanied by spider web is a sure fire bet to add haunting theme to any room. To provide creepy mood lighting a candle box lantern is a welcome addition - it'll also send out hideous animal shadows across the room!

bats, mirror, LED pumpkin, haunted caste and dark walnut chest

When applying your Halloween make-up and fake blood at your dressing table, wouldn't it be good to have some decoration to get you into the spirit? A dark dresser and an ornate mirror are a great platform to feature a LED pumpkin light and a haunted clock tower. Festooning the nearby wall with some bats is also a cheap and effective Halloween decorative trick.
Full scale skeleton, skeleton fabric, cobwebs and dark walnut table and chairs
Create your own skeleton themed living room by purchasing an anatomically correct fake skeleton! He'll sit quietly in the corner on a dark chair, won't eat you out of house and home at family dinner, while always ensuring a creepy vibe across the dinner table. By contrasting white with black you can produce a very striking effect that goes perfectly with the skeleton theme. A skull table cloth and sticky white cobwebs everywhere will complete the Halloween look.

With these handy haunted ideas your house can have the best Halloween ever!

PS Remember to stock up on sweets for the trick and treaters!

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