Colours That Go With Oak Furniture

Colours That Go With Oak Furniture

Colours That Go With Oak Furniture

Posted 25 February, 2016 by Benjamin Gardiner in Get that look...

Colours that go with oak

Whether you’ve just invested in some shiny new oak furniture for your home or you’re planning style overhaul, knowing which colours work with oak is key. At Oak Furniture Solutions, we’ve had tonnes of experience (and fun!) decorating rooms to match and show off our favourite kind of wood, and we want to share what we’ve learnt with you.

What colours go with oak furniture?

Trust us when we say, any colour can go with oak furniture, it’s one of the reasons it’s so versatile! Oak furniture doesn’t just come in one colour, you can get dark oak furniture, golden oak furniture, light oak furniture, two-tone oak furniture and the list goes on! The huge variety of oak wood gives you endless possibilities for lovely and surprising colour matches – which is great, because you never have to rule out a colour you love.

Choosing the right colour to match your oak furniture all depends on whether you want to highlight or accent or oak furniture, or whether you would like it to blend in more with the décor. So it’s not really about picking yellow or blue, it’s more about finding the right shade and tone of the colour you love to create the effect you desire.

Choosing Colours to Accent Oak Furniture

If you love your oak furniture like we do, and you want to make it appear more prominent and colourful in your room stick to cool colours like grey and ivory. These colours lie at the opposite end of the colour wheel to oak, so they will always make a your furniture stand out and look more distinct. Choosing colours that are a few tones lighter or darker than the wood also adds to the contrasting effect.

Choosing Colours to Blend With Oak Furniture

If you are looking to neutralise your oak furniture and create more of a subtle, harmonious décor opt for a warm colour palate. Warm hues will always blend well and compliment your oak furniture. Keeping the depth of the colour similar to the grain of wood adds to the seamless effect, while selecting tones that are slightly darker or lighter than your furniture stops a room from looking bland.

So, that’s the technical no-how about colour choosing done, now for the fun bit, the visuals!

Oak Furniture with White Walls

one. Kitchen styled with furniture from our Hampshire Two-Tone range

two. Dining room styled with furniture from our Hampshire Oak range

three. White dining room featuring the Balmain Oak Furniture range

four. Provence Oak sideboard

five. Living room styled with our New Forest Oak range

Oak Furniture With White

It maybe obvious choice for your oak furniture, but white is an amazing canvas on which you can experiment and build. There are many shades of white to accommodate the many shades of oak furniture. Creamy white, ivory, are all good with dark, light and honey-coloured oak.

Choosing white as the main colour for accessories or soft furnishings in a room will keep things looking fresh.

Shades of white can either accent or blend with your furniture depending on whether you go for warm creams or cool ivories. White is a great choice for any room, though it works especially well for multi-functional rooms as it helps to create the impression of space.

Oak Furniture with neutral walls

one. Warm living room styled with Hereford Oak furniture

two. Bordeaux Oak furniture in a light brown living room

Oak Furniture With Earthy Tones

Including tans, browns and rusts, all of these colours go well with oak furniture, especially if you ‘d like your oak furniture to complement its surroundings. We particularly love earthy tones for creating cosy and inviting spaces.

Oak Furniture with grey walls

one. Alba Oak furniture in a grey bedroom

two. Milano Oak Display Cabinet in grey Dining Room

three. Lyon Oak table on a grey stone kitchen floor

four. Grey dining room styled with Shaker Oak furniture 

five. Casa Oak furniture in a bedroom with grey feature wall

Oak Furniture With Grey

Grey works well with most kinds of oak, but in our opinion, it is particularly lovely with lighter, blonder, oak furniture. This cool colour will instantly modernise your room!

Oak furniture with greige walls

one. "Greige" dining room with Lansdown Oak Furniture 

two. Westbury Reclaimed Oak in a family dining room

Oak Furniture With “Greige”

If you love the colour grey but still want your furniture blend into its surroundings paint your walls “greige”. This ‘it’ colour comes in many tones and shades making it a great choise for lots of oak furniture.

Oak furniture with blue walls Oak furniture with green walls

one. Capri Oak furniture in a bedroom with green feature wall

two. Sophia Oak furniture in a green dining room

three. Hampstead oak furniture in a green bedroom

four. Green bathroom with oak furniture

five. Green dining chairs with oak legs 

Oak Furniture With Green

Olive green in all shades looks great with oak furniture. Green is of course, synonymous with nature, so it’s great if you’d like to bring a sense of the great outdoors into your home.

Oak furniture with purple walls

one. Studio Oak furniture in a purple living room

two. Studio Oak furniture in a purple home office

three. Alton Oak furniture in a living room with purple accessories 

four. Contemporary dining room with oak furniture and purple accessories 

five. Bedroom with oak furniture and purple bedding 

Oak Furniture With Purple

Looks good doesn’t it? Purple maybe a bold choice for your walls, but it sure does make a statement and it contrasts oak furniture wonderfully well. We love it for adding a sense of drama to a room.

So, in answer to the question ‘what colour goes with oak furniture?’ the answer is practically any! Just make sure you spend time carefully selecting the shade to best show off or subtly compliment your furniture.

If all of these lovely interiors have made you fall in love with oak, check out our wide range of furniture here.

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