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Dining Table & Chair Sets

A wooden dining table and chairs set makes a focal point in a dining room. At Oak Furniture Solutions we have a wide range of solid wood dining sets in a number of different style and size types. Our solid wood dining tables and chair sets are available in oak, dark wood and more. By choosing a solid wood dining set, you can be sure you're making a long-lasting investment.

We offer solid wood dining table and chairs with the capacity for up to 10 diners, with extending, rectangular and oval wood dining table and chairs to suit your style. 

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All of our dining room furniture is made from the highest quality solid wood. Spend over £300 for free and fast delivery! 

Dine in Comfort with an Oak Table and Chairs

Our oak tables and chairs are all created with comfort and practicality in mind, making mealtimes a pleasant occasion. An oak dining table and chairs is easy to maintain and can withstand spills magnificently. Such a set will last for many years and continue to look good whilst it does so.

Treat Yourself with our Cheap Oak Table and Chairs

Despite oak's expensive reputation, through economical sourcing we have acquired the finest oak dining tables and chairs for less. We pass these savings on to our valued customers, enabling them to enjoy great furniture affordably. We even deliver an oak table and chairs UK wide gratis when a customer spends £300 or more.

Enjoy the Luxury of a Solid Oak Dining Set

There's something reassuring and permanent about an oak dining table set. Oak has always been a prized material for furniture due to its strength and durability. Many oak dining table sets created centuries ago still look amazing and are in regular use. In the same way as the joiners of yesteryear, our furniture makers select high grade timber and employ tried and tested techniques to achieve a polished, high quality result.

Contemporary Oak Table and Chair Sets Trending Now

Oak is such a versatile material that any dining tables and chair sets created from this lovely wood look stunning. As well as classic, timeless creations, we also stock a range of modern cheap oak dining table sets, which are almost certain to become the valued antiques of tomorrow. All our elegant dining tables and chairs sets are made with great care and a high quality finish, resulting in beautifully presented articles.

Look Here for a Solid Oak Dining Table and 6 Chairs

Not only are our solid oak table and chairs sets much cheaper than anything you will find on the high street, but they are probably made to a far higher standard. We pride ourselves on offering only the best solid tables and chairs, well executed using nothing but beautiful oak wood.

Experience the Real Thing with Our Solid Oak Table and 6 Chairs

When you buy solid oak tables and chairs from us, you are purchasing genuine oak. We don't try and fool you with oak veneer or oak staining. Our solid oak dining table and chairs really are wholly constructed from oak timber for a satisfyingly dependable outcome.

Bring the Family Together with Oak Dining Table and Chairs

There are few joys in life better than having a large home cooked meal surrounded by your friends and family. These oak table and chair sets are perfect for dining as a family and having guests visit, and with a choice of sizes and styles, your dining room will still retain your own sense of style you've worked so hard to perfect. Dining tables and chairs are the centre of any dining room, however, and we know that it's important to our customers that their dining tables and chairs are worth every penny you spend.

High Quality Oak Table and Chair Sets

At Oak Furniture Solutions, we refuse to supply low quality, cheap oak dining table sets that could break easily. Your oak dining table set is expected to undergo a vast range of trials, especially if you're a family with young children. That's why we only provide high quality dining sets for our customers at low prices; our clients deserve the best value for their money when they come to us to purchase their furniture.

Practical, Long Lasting, Solid Oak Dining Tables and Chairs

The one thing you expect from your furniture is reliability; for that furniture to be able to endure the trials of time and remain strong, table and dependable. At Oak Furniture Solutions, it is our goal to provide this to you with all of your furniture. Our solid oak tables and chairs are crafted by skilled manufacturers who value their customers just as much as we value ours, and put the extra effort into making their chairs to ensure that their wares are at a consistently high quality.

Strong Chairs and Tables for Your Comfort and Peace of Mind.

The solid oak 6 chairs and table sets that we provide are guaranteed to provide our customers with years of steady service. These oak dining table sets are capable of taking any amount of household beating and pull through. On top of their admirable strength, these dining sets are attractive, and you're sure to find one amongst our range that will suit the décor of your home perfectly. With Oak Furniture Solutions, you're always promised great service and value for your money. 

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