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Childrens Furniture

Stylish and affordable children’s bedroom furniture, we offer a carefully selected range of children’s bedroom furniture. From childrens beds and childrens mattresses to wardrobes and toy/storage boxes, you'll find children's bedroom furniture to suit all tastes and needs.

All of our children’s bedroom furniture is crafted from the highest quality hardwoods, pine or painted wood and is treated to ensure it is durable and easy to clean. 


Our Children’s bedroom furniture features oak pieces as well as our popular Jack and Jemima range. Our wonderful range of solid wood children’s bedroom furniture called Jack and Jemima is high quality and made to order.  Items are hand sprayed in warm white with an optional pink or blue accent.  You might also want to take a look at our Visco Therapy mattresses once you have chosen from the children’s bedroom furniture collection.

Children’s Furniture

Children’s furniture is a valuable investment for any home and is available from us in multiple finishes and styles.  Our children’s furniture is not only modern and durable, it is also affordable and unique.  The children’s furniture on our site is sophisticated and includes beds, bedside cabinets, dressing tables, mirrors, chests of drawers, wardrobes, chests and trunks in multiple wood types such as solid oak, pine and ash.

Kids Bedroom Furniture

All our kid’s bedroom furniture is of the highest quality and incredibly hardwearing to match.  Our Nutkin range suits children from 0 to 12, enabling them to grow into it.  This range is of highest grade solid European hardwood ash, painted with non-toxic white paint which provides a resilient, attractive and clean looking finish.

Children’s Bedroom Furniture Sets

Our Jack and Jemima furniture sets are constructed from solid high quality wood and sprayed in warm white.  Our children’s bedroom furniture sets in the Jack and Jemima range are sprayed in warm white paint and available with a pink or blue accent or plain warm white.  In this children’s bedroom furniture set items can be ordered with a blue or pink accent; for example the upholstery on the dressing table stool can either be blue or pink gingham fabric.  Handles on drawers come in either pink or blue.

Children’s Bedroom Furniture UK

Our children’s bedroom furniture is of the highest quality and is one of the most competitively priced in the UK.  Highlights of our children’s bedroom furniture are the Nutkin and the Jack and Jemima ranges which are both sourced from our suppliers in the UK.  As part of our toy and storage box selection, ranges such as Vancouver and Waverley bring a fresh look to the ranges.  These ranges are of plain solid oak and come unpainted.

Children’s Furniture UK

Our children’s furniture is readily available to mainland UK addresses as well as to Channel Island, Ireland, Northern Ireland and the Highlands.  Our children’s furniture is one of the most competitively priced in the UK and we are the leading supplier of high quality, low cost oak and pine home furniture.

Kids Bedroom Furniture Sets

Our kid’s bedroom furniture sets contain many items such as wardrobes, kids beds, toy and storage boxes, dressing tables and bookcases.  Our kid’s bedroom furniture sets include the Jack & Jemima and the Nutkin ranges, as well as some individual wardrobes which may be suitable for older children such as the Coach House Brooklyn Single Wardrobe or the Beaumont Painted Single Full Hanging Wardrobe.

Children’s Nursery Furniture

Our children’s nursery furniture is high quality and some ranges such as Jack and Jemima and Nutkin are made to order.  Our blanket boxes and toy storage units are stylish and a practical addition to a children’s nursery.  We have toy storage units in our Beaumont, Nutkin, Hereford and Rustic oak furniture ranges to name just a few.

Children’s Storage Furniture

For children’s storage furniture, the Nutkin and Jack and Jemima ranges would be classic choices.  The Cambridge range also offers contemporary children’s storage furniture.  This range is made from a high quality grade of oak and has a light oak appearance.  This sturdy and hard-wearing furniture would be perfect as children’s storage furniture.

White Children’s Bedroom Furniture

Our white children’s bedroom furniture is timeless and elegant, and our Nutkin range in particular would be a contemporary addition to any nursery.  This white children’s bedroom furniture is painted using a seven-step painting process and is made from environmentally friendly timber from managed plantations.  You may wish to take a look at the Nutkin Cot-bed with three drawers and the Nutkin Cot-top baby changer.

Oak Furniture for Adults Too

The kids bedroom furniture is all well and good but if you need  oak bedsoak bedside cabinetsoak dressing tablesoak mirrorsoak chests of drawers and oak wardrobes in adult sizes Oak Furniture Solutions can fulfill your needs. In addition to this you will also find a wide selection of living room furniture, home office furniture and dining room furniture including dining tables and dining chairs.

Childrens Furniture Buying Guide

Kitting out a child’s bedroom is exciting for both the parent and the child. Children love the excitement of getting their own space and parents love the satisfaction of finding more storage to tidy away endless clothes and toys! 

In this guide we look at all the aspects of choosing children’s furniture from finding the right size bed to keeping children’s furniture looking like new. With a little bit of time and planning you can create a practical and fun space that your child will enjoy for years to come. 

The main room you will need to kit out with children’s furniture is the bedroom. Well-designed children's bedroom furniture has a sense of fun whilst being practical and making the most efficient use of space available.

Children's Beds

A good bed is so much more than just a piece of furniture for your child. A good quality bed will provide countless nights sleep and look after their backs and posture as they grow. We recommend shopping for a bed first as it often acts as the centrepiece.

Children’s beds are available in a range of options. 3ft or ‘single’ beds are the most common size beds for children. 

You may also consider bunk beds if your children share a room, but we recommend avoiding bunk beds if your child is under 6 years. Trundles are a space-saving alternative to 2 beds and fantastic for sleepovers. Children’s cabin beds offer additional storage or functionality build in to the bed such as a sofa, a desk or storage. For older children you may want to consider a double bed to take them through to their teenage years. 

If you invest in a bed for a child, it's a good idea to make sure there is space underneath for storage drawers, so at least there's always somewhere to put those spare blankets or toys. Some under-bed drawers can even contain a game, or even an in-built train track for hours of fun.

If you are looking for a bed for a baby, you might be interested in a ‘cot bed’. Initially configured as a cot, as your child grows cot beds transform into beds.

Childrens Mattresses

Choosing a children’s mattress is an important decision. It is vital that growing children sleep on a mattress that provides the right amount of support. 

There are a number of different types of mattresses available:

Open coil spring mattresses

These mattresses are made up of a number of springs that are linked together with a wire frame. Open coil mattresses are good if you’re on a tight budget as it will still provide that all-important support for your child’s back. 

Pocket spring mattresses

Pocket sprung mattresses are made up of individual springs that are held in place in pockets of fabric. Pocket spring mattresses are supportive, comfortable and durable. 

Reflex foam

A reflex foam mattress is made entirely of foam and provides orthopaedic support by helping to evenly distribute your child’s weight across the foam. It features no springs making it very quiet. 

Other features you may want to consider when purchasing a children’s mattress are: 

Anti allergy

For children with allergies or asthma, you may want to consider a microbial or hypoallergenic mattress cover that resists dust mites and allergens.


Some children’s mattresses include water resistant PVC covers that can be easily wiped clean. 

Children's Bedroom Storage

Storage is key to a child's room. Fortunately there are many options available. As well as a wardrobe, you may want to invest in bedside tables, chests of drawers, under bed storage, bookcases or toy boxes. Toy boxes or blanket boxes can double up as an extra seat or surface area for a lamp. 

If you're short of space why not install some floating bookcases, against a wall mural. Be as expressive as you like with a wall mural as these can provide much visual stimulation and add real character to a room. 

Storage furniture can be used to divide up a room too, so that it has more than one function.  It's also a good idea to have storage pieces on wheels, so they can be moved easily if you want to rearrange a room layout.


Children’s wardrobes are typically smaller than traditional wardrobes. Try to resist buying a wardrobe that is just intended for baby clothes as they will soon grow out of it. Think long-term to get the best life out of your wardrobe. You can always lower the rail in a bigger wardrobe so your child can reach it.

Most wardrobes can offer more than just hanging space. Children’s wardrobes are available with drawers or shelves for extra storage space. You may also want to invest in boxes or shoe racks for even more space in the wardrobe. 

Shopping For Childrens Bedroom Furniture

Know your budget

It is important to consider your budget before shopping for children’s furniture. This will ensure that you have enough to get the basics – we recommend getting a good quality bed and a mattress as a priority. 

Check quality

Quality is essential for children’s furniture. Invest in high quality furniture such as solid wood and you will be rewarded with useful and attractive furniture for years to come. 

Check safety

Children's rooms need to be safe so don't forget to look out for features on furniture that will protect your children such as rounded corners and latch safety mechanisms. Ensure that every piece of furniture you buy is to the highest standard as this will avoid unnecessary accidents. 

Online or offline?

When it comes to buying furniture, there is a common debate as regards to shopping online or in store. Both options have their benefits. There are some people that need to see, touch and measure children’s furniture in store. However online there are a plethora of options and you can ensure you have the best price. You can also involve your child in the decision process without dragging them kicking and screaming to the shops!

Regardless of buying online or offline, make sure that the retailer is reputable, accepts refunds and offers a delivery service if required.  


Consider the use of a piece of furniture and ensure it is serving its primary function above anything else. But it is a child’s bedroom so you can afford to have a little fun. 

We recommend investing in neutral furniture and decorating the space around it. Instead of buying a themed bed that they will grow out of or get bored of, stick to a plain bed and add exciting accessories.

In general painted furniture is a great idea. If the furniture is white or cream, even better as you can build a colour scheme around it and even make it gender specific if you want to.

When decorating your children's bedroom, don't be scared of making a statement. Your ideas can be as bold, brave or magical as you like. You can bring a funky edge to a room without going crazy.  Get your child’s opinion on how the room looks, as it should reflect their personality. 

You could always opt for a themed room, without making it tacky. Go for key pieces and build around these with accessories to bring the theme together. You could choose a pirate or a car theme, sport or under the sea. You could also choose some bright colour combinations, such as shocking pink and green. Why not opt for a retro or ultra modern look for something that will last?

How about having one wall with blackboard paint on, so kids can get creative without damaging the wallpaper? Make sure there is room for a desk so children have somewhere to draw, read and later do homework. You could even put a world map somewhere on the wall; oversized ones look great and are educational too.

Measuring Up

Remember to take precise measurements before shopping for children’s furniture. Children’s bedrooms are normally smaller so you need to use the space wisely.

Be mindful not to flood the room with furniture, your child will still need space to play.

Don’t forget to measure the height of a bedroom when looking for a wardrobe. 

Caring For Your Furniture

Keep your children’s furniture looking like new with these simple tips:


  • If you invest in solid wood children’s furniture, we recommend re-oiling or re-waxing peri-odically (depending on what the item is finished with)
  • Spillages do happen! Clean up spillages immediately to avoid stains
  • Lamps or other accessories placed on children’s furniture table should be moved periodi-cally to ensure that the colouration of the furniture matures evenly and uniformly
  • Encourage your child to use mats, dishes, boxes, anything to stop toys scratching a surface. You might even consider covering surfaces with wipe-clean table cloths to keep furniture looking like new 


  • Don’t place drinks directly on furniture – use a coaster to avoid rings
  • Don’t place furniture too close to radiators or other sources of heat

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