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Dressing Tables, Mirrors & Stools

A dressing table is an essential item for any woman’s bedroom. It offers the perfect place to put on make-up, store jewellery or style your hair. Solid wood and oak dressing tables are stylish and very durable. 

Shop for your dream dressing table set at Oak Furniture Solutions. We offer dressing tables in a range of solid woods and finishes including, oak dressing tables, white painted dressing tables, pine dressing tables and more. 

Our matching dressing tables and accessories are sold separately so you can pick and choose which parts of the set you need. Create your perfect dressing table set by choosing from our wide range of dressing table mirrors and dressing table stools.

If you need help choosing a dressing table, you might find our Dressing Table Buying Guide useful. 

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Tuscany Soft Grey Dressing Table
Tuscany Soft Grey Dressing Table
£ 298.00


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Hampstead Soft Grey and Walnut Vanity Mirror
Hampstead Soft Grey and Walnut Vanity Mirror
SAVE 56%
Was £179.74
Now £80.00
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Hampstead Soft Grey and Oak Vanity Mirror
Hampstead Soft Grey and Oak Vanity Mirror
SAVE 56%
Was £179.74
Now £80.00
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Rimini Aged Oak & Weathered Oak Dressing Table
Rimini Aged Oak & Weathered Oak Dressing Table
SAVE 50%
Was £500.00
Now £250.00
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Dressing Table Buying Guide

A woman’s bedroom isn’t complete without a dressing table. It’s a welcoming sanctuary offering a place to get ready as well as a place for relaxation and pampering. 

A dressing table provides the perfect home for make-up, cosmetics and jewellery and has done so for many years.  Areas dedicated to beauty as we know it really started in the 17th century. European high society began commissioning ‘beauty furniture’ from craftsmen and furniture makers during this period. Shaving tables and ‘low boys’ were the forerunners to dressing tables. 

Towards the late 19th, early 20th centuries the dressing table became popular as part of a matching bedroom suite. During the Art Deco period more luxurious dressing tables were made, commonly with plated or mirrored surfaces for extra glitz and glamour. 

Dressing tables have come a long way since the 17th century and today there are so many options available that it is often hard to know where to start when shopping for one. 

In this guide we take you through everything you need to know about choosing a new dressing table.

Which Dressing Table

There are many different types of dressing tables, whether you opt for a matching set or a dressing table in its own style. There are 3 key questions that you will want to consider when looking for a dressing table; storage, style and shape.


Dressing tables are available with very varying levels of storage. Think about what you need in terms of storage; surface space? Drawer storage? Both?

If you’re looking for a large amount of storage, take a look at dressing tables with two built in pedestals. These dressing tables have up to 6 drawers that sit neatly under the top surface and provide a huge amount of storage. If you have limited space but still want a good amount of storage you may want to consider dressing tables with one pedestal. 

If you are looking for even more storage you might consider a dressing table stool, which offers a clever and compact solutions for extra storage. 

Dressing tables are also available with less storage. A common dressing table style is to have one or two shallow drawers in the middle of the dressing table. 


There are thousands of different dressing tables on the market, and the one you choose will need to meet the image you’re trying to create. 

Metallic finishes or mirrored surfaces are perfect for creating a classing 1920s Art Deco look. 

Wooden dressing tables lend a softer look to a bedroom and can achieve a contemporary or traditional touch. Oak will bring a refreshing look to any bedroom, whilst pine dressing tables achieve a lighter tone and are better suited to a traditional interior. Dark woods such as walnut or mahogany can add a rich and dramatic tone to a room and are ideal if you want to create a statement. Pine is a versatile and neutral wood that will blend in with almost any existing wooden bedroom furniture. 

White painted wooden dressing tables are extremely popular and can be used to create a romantic Parisian feel in the bedroom or to create a sleek, light and modern bedroom. 


The shape of dressing tables has evolved over time, and now almost any shape of dressing table is available, but three shapes have really stood the test of time.

The classic shaped dressing table is a curvaceous and dainty pedestal shape typically with one central drawer. These dressing tables are often painted a shade of white or grey and create a romantic look.

Kidney shaped dressing tables are much more traditional and not exceptionally practical. As the name suggests the dressing table is the shape of a kidney, with space for the user to sit in between two sets of outward curved drawers.

Modern dressing tables are much more simple, with square corners and sleek lines. Modern-shaped dressing tables are very good at making the most of space in a room as they can line up with walls and fit neatly into corners.

Shopping For a New Dressing Table

Versatile dressing tables can easily double up as a desk or a console table. This is worth considering when shopping for a dressing table. If you buy a high quality wooden dressing table, it could potentially be used in the future as a desk in a child’s bedroom or a console table in the hallway.

Buy Online or In-Store?

Dressing tables are widely available from stores and online. Buying a dressing table online or offline is often a tricky question, with both options have their merits. Some people find touching and feeling a dressing table in store very useful, however you will probably find more choice and a better deal in terms of pricing online. 

Whether you choose to buy online or in-store, make sure that the retailer accepts returns and offers delivery if required. Dressing tables are heavy and cumbersome and often a difficult shape to fit in a car. 

Accessorising Your Dressing Table

Once you have decided on your dressing table, you might want to consider purchasing accessories to compliment it.

Mirrors: A mirror is a useful addition and if you intend to use the dressing table as a beauty area, rather than a desk, a good mirror is essential. Vanity mirrors with a single mirror on a tilting mechanism are practical, but if the space around the table is quite dark you may wish to invest in a tri-fold mirror to reflect as much light as possible.  Dressing tables with integrated, fold away mirrors are also a practical option, if you think you may not use the mirror all the time.

If you are short on surface space, you could opt for a wall-hanging mirror.

Dressing Table Stool: You may wish to invest in a matching dressing table stool with a comfortable padded seat or alternatively why not choose a supportive chair, especially if you’re using the piece as a desk.  

Lamp: Make sure you illuminate a dressing table well, whether you add some lamps to the dressing table or situate a large floor lamp nearby. Brighten up the area by investing in a fresh two tone or painted dressing table set instead. 

Candles, photos and keepsakes: Once you’ve chosen the right dressing table, either part of a set or a standalone piece you will probably feel like putting your own stamp on it. Accessorise your dressing table with warming candles and photos of family and friends. It’s your opportunity to really personalise your dressing table and make it a practical but enjoyable area. You can add a small bunch of fresh flowers, a selection of your favourite necklaces and cosmetics as well as a pile of colourful books or magazines to brighten it in an instant.

Measuring For Your Dressing Table

Plan where to place your dressing table before shopping for it. 

A key consideration when deciding where to place your dressing table is lighting. Near a window is ideal for natural light. If you need a lamp make sure there is a socket nearby.

Take measurements of the space so you can find the perfect size dressing table. Measure the width, depth and height of the space. You should be especially mindful of the depth of the dressing table if it needs to line up to other furniture pieces such as a chest of drawers or wardrobe. Height is an important factor if you plan to place the dressing table under a window or if you have an existing chair you’d like to fit with it. 


Caring For Your Dressing Table

Keep your dressing table looking like new with our tips below. Always read the manufacturers instructions for more advice specific to your dressing table. 


  • Re-oil or re-wax your solid wood dressing table periodically (see care instructions for your piece of furniture)

  • If you do get make up on your dressing table, try and wipe it off immediately.

  • Mirrors, lamps and other accessories placed on the dressing table should be moved periodically to ensure that the colouration of the furniture matures evenly and uniformly.

  • Use a dish to keep earrings, rings and other sharp items from scratching the table surface


  • Don’t place drinks directly on the dressing table – use a coaster to avoid rings

  • Don’t place the dressing table too close to a heat source such as a radiator 

  • Don’t drag the dressing table across the floor as this can damage the furniture as well as your floors.

* Oak Furniture Solutions do not accept any responsibility for any damage caused to furniture by the following of these guidelines. These guidelines are provided as informed suggestions only and are written as general notes for customers. Customers seeking professional, specific after-care advice should either contact us directly or get in touch with a professional polisher or furniture restorer. 

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