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If you are looking for mirrors for the bedroom or any other room of the house, we have a stunning selection of mirrors available in all shapes and sizes which are sure to please. We have wooden mirrors made from oak, pine, walnut, sheesham and mahogany, each beautifully designed in a variety of styles. We also have an excellent range of painted wood mirrors which have become increasingly popular in recent years. Painted pine mirrors are available in a selection of fresh colours, perfect for the bedroom. We also have wall mirrors, free standing mirrors and dressing table mirrors, all in stock and ready for fast delivery. When you want to buy mirror online, this is the place to come. 


Our mirrors are affordable and come in a variety of different styles. Our Lyon Oak Landscape Mirror 144cm by 90cm is made to the highest standards with uncompromising quality and durability. These mirrors are made from solid American Oak and oak veneers and this item is typical of the Lyon oak range as it displays the natural grains and knots in the wood. These mirrors are made from light oak and would add a fresh look to a room. These mirrors have bold, clean lines and would go well with a classic or traditional décor.

Bathroom Mirrors

Oak Furniture Solutions offer a selection of mirrors, many in solid oak. Our Alaska Landscape Mirror is one of our light and airy looking bathroom mirrors which combine an ivory finish with light oak to create a fresh two tone effect. These bathroom mirrors would work well with a contemporary décor but equally well with a more classic type of furnishing. These bathroom mirrors are made with contrasting solid American oak and panelled oak veneer insets. The oak tops on these bathroom mirrors have a matt oiled finish which creates a natural looking lacquer and protects the mirror from knocks and scratches.

Wall Mirrors

Our range of wall mirrors is manufactured to the highest standards and is the most affordable in the UK. Our Vancouver Small rectangular mirror is one of our wall mirrors that is made from reclaimed oak, sourced from renewable forests. These wall mirrors are beautifully handcrafted and are very substantial items that are finished in a mixture of wax and oil. This wax and oil combination gives these wall mirrors some shine but does not detract from the rustic appearance. These wall mirrors would add a rich honey tone to a room and would go well with a contemporary décor.

Dressing Table Mirror

Our mirrors are affordable and come in a variety of different styles. Our Cotham Pine Vanity Mirror is a chunky item of solid pine bedroom furniture and is incredibly well proportioned. This dressing table mirror would be perfect for a smaller space and is available with a matching Cotham Pine Dressing Table Stool. This dressing table mirror has a traditional and sophisticated look which would enhance a room and highlight other furniture well. This dressing table mirror is finished with a hand applied waxed finish which enhances the grain of the light pine.

Large mirrors

Oak Furniture Solutions offer a selection of mirrors, many made of oak, some of pine and some painted. Our Cuba Solid Oak Large Mirror 105 x 75 cm is crafted from solid American White oak and this is enhanced by a soft lacquered finish. These Cuba Solid oak large mirrors are sleek and have clean lines which would be perfect for a contemporary or minimalist décor. These large mirrors combine a natural finish with rich honey tones of oak to make this an interesting addition to a room.

Dressing Table Mirrors

Our dressing table mirrors are varied and come in many different tones and styles to suit any décor. The Hereford Oak Console Dresser Mirror is suitable for use with our Hereford Oak and Hereford Rustic Oak ranges making it incredibly versatile. These dressing table mirrors are practical and stylish and would enhance any room with its rich coloured oak. These dressing table mirrors display the natural grains in the wood to their full advantage and would suit a rustic décor as well as modern furnishings.

Cheap Mirrors

Our range of mirrors is manufactured to the highest standards and is one of the most affordable in the UK. The Chateau Solid Oak Rectangular Mirror is one of our cheap yet stylish and durable mirrors. These cheap mirrors are made from solid oak and covered with a rich patina and the style of these cheap mirrors is influenced by French Rococo designs. These cheap mirrors offer bespoke handcrafted designs at very affordable prices. The oak for these cheap mirrors is carefully selected seasoned European oak. This mirror has mitred corners and can be hung vertically or horizontally.

Antique Mirrors

Amongst our range of mirrors we have several antique mirrors which would fit in traditional surroundings. Our Sophia Oak Wall mirror 108 x 63 cm is crafted using hackberry solids and American oak veneers and has an aged, refined appearance.  This antique finish means that it would look good with a classic décor but the sleek sophisticated lines of this mirror mean it would also fit well with modern furniture. These antique mirrors have rococo influences and other items in the range have routing and angular lines.   

Overmantle Mirrors

All items in our range of mirrors are durable and hard-wearing items which would go with any décor. Our Mobel Oak wall mirror is the perfect piece for over-mantles in living and dining rooms but would also work well in bathrooms, bedrooms and hallways. These overmantle mirrors have 3cm deep frames which make this a chunky, substantial piece of furniture. These overmantle mirrors have useful wall fixings at the back of the mirror which allow it to be hung vertically or horizontally. These overmantle mirrors are crafted from the highest grade selected solid oak and are built to exceptional standards giving them longevity.

Free standing Mirror

Our mirrors are made to very high standards, are sturdy and affordable and are available in many different styles. Our Coach House Brooklyn Oak dressing mirror is contemporary and chic item that is manufactured from top quality oak. This free standing mirror is hand finished with pure Tung oil which enhances the natural beauty and grains of the timber. This free standing mirror is very durable and the finish is eco-friendly. This free standing mirror has sleek, crisp lines which would accentuate other furniture and would add a subtle feel to a room.

Contemporary Mirrors

We have an extensive range of contemporary mirrors in many different wood types and styles. Our Mottisfont Waxed dressing table mirror is a contemporary oval mirror ideal for dressing tables. This oval shape lends interest to these natural looking contemporary mirrors. These contemporary mirrors have 2 drawers and a choice of wooden or metal handles are available. These mirrors are also available painted and display the natural grains and textures in the wood perfectly.

Ornate Mirrors

We have a wide range of mirrors which are sturdy and long-lasting pieces of furniture. Our Jali Mirror 106 x 72cm is one of our more traditional ornate mirrors and is hand made by skilled craftsman. These ornate mirrors are influenced by the times of the maharajah and are made from quality sheesham. The beautiful grain of these ornate mirrors is stained and waxed to produce a stunning effect. These ornate mirrors have intricate portcullis ironwork which gives them individuality.  They have a honey brown finish and are very striking and dramatic items.

Wall Mirror

Our mirrors are extensive in range and we have a variety to fit many different types of furnishings. Our Orbit oak wide mirror is fashionable and retro styled and is crafted from a combination of oak veneers and sculpted oak legs. This wall mirror is very elegant and would be perfect for a minimalist décor.  This light oak wall mirror would bring a fresh and contemporary look to a room and would make a striking and tasteful statement to a living room or bedroom.

Full Length Mirrors

Amongst our selection of full length mirrors, our Cuba Solid Oak range is made of light oak and exhibits all the hallmarks of quality furniture. The Cuba Solid Oak Long Wall Mirror 500 x 1380 mm is part of our range of full length mirrors which are designed in the UK and these mirrors are crafted from American White Oak with a soft lacquered finish. The crisp clean lines of these full length mirrors combine with the natural finish to give these mirrors a fresh, contemporary look. These full length mirrors have a subtle and sophisticated look with light, honey tones.

Decorative Mirrors

We have many mirrors for sale which are available in lots of different styles and are available painted as well as unfinished. Our Coach House Chateau Painted Ornate French Mirror is made from sustainably sourced mahogany and these are incredibly decorative mirrors.  They are modelled on an authentic antique French provincial style with interesting Louis Philippe embellishments. These beautiful decorative mirrors have intricate hand carved details and undergo an individual hand finished colour and aging process which creates a stunning overall effect.

Bedroom Mirrors

Our bedroom mirrors are extensive in range and we have a variety to fit many different types of furnishings. Our Havana Oak Square mirror in blonde is made from solid oak and finished in a natural oak colour.  These bedroom mirrors are modern and versatile; they would equally fit into a living room, kitchen or bathroom. The simple design of these bedroom mirrors means they would sit elegantly on a wall and subtly complement other furnishings. These square bedroom mirrors have a beautiful structure and show off the natural knots and grains of the high quality oak.

Large Mirror

We have a wide selection of mirrors to choose from, which would compliment many different types of décor and fit in with many different spaces. Our Domino Oak Wall Mirror 110 x 62cm is a large mirror made from American White oak solids and veneers. This large mirror has a simple, elegant and refined look which would look good in a living room, bedroom or kitchen. This mirror has simple clean lines and a chic crisp look which would compliment many other types of décor and the corners of this large mirror are rounded, making it a quirky, retro item.

Modern Mirrors

Our mirrors are modern and classic with many different wood types and tones to choose from depending on the rest of your furniture and décor.  Our Cuba Sheesham rectangular mirror 75 x 105 cm is one of our modern mirrors which is crafted from Indian Sheesham with acacia and has a soft lacquered finish. These modern mirrors have a dark tone which would bring a rich, warm tone to any room. The elegant clean lines of these modern mirrors would lend an uncluttered look and contemporary feel to a room.

Designer Mirrors

We have many designer mirrors to choose from ranging from minimalist and retro, to natural and contemporary. Our Studio Oak Wall Mirror 10 x 58 cm is a contemporary, flexible and practical mirror made using American solid oak and oak veneers. These designer mirrors have a clean, lacquered finish and this range is inspired by open-plan living. These designer mirrors are chic and sophisticated and would make a striking yet elegant statement in a room. The Studio Oak range is a classy and modern range which is good value but does not compromise on quality.

Mirrors UK

We have a wide range of furniture in varying styles and wood tones, including many mirrors. UK based, Oak Furniture Solutions is the leading supplier of high quality Oak and Pine furniture and you can have confidence that you are buying from an established and secure website. The Loire Oak Small Mirror is sourced from managed forests and is inspired by a classic French look.  The oak is enhanced by craftsmen to give it depth and a rich colour and finish. These mirrors also have a durable lacquer finish which protects them against general wear and tear.

Oak Mirrors

We have several oak mirrors to choose from which would add a subtle, yet sophisticated look to a room.
Our Hereford Oak Small sized mirror in solid oak would match the Hereford oak and Hereford Rustic oak ranges and these oak mirrors are practical and stylish. These oak mirrors have no veneers and are therefore made to exceptional standards. These solid oak mirrors can be hung either portrait or landscape and the grain of the wood is displayed well in the clean, crisp lines.

Free Standing Mirrors

We have a variety of free standing mirrors to choose from, many of which are made from oak, some from pine and some of which are painted. The Cotham Pine Cheval mirror is a chunky solid piece of furniture, and has compact, elegant proportions, perfect for fitting into a smaller space. These free standing mirrors have a hand-applied waxed finish which enhances the natural beauty of the wood grain. These free standing mirrors are very good value for money and would compliment a space without overwhelming it.

Large Wall Mirrors

We have an extensive range of mirrors in many different wood types and styles. Our Atlantis Landscape Mirror is one of our oak veneered large wall mirrors. These large wall mirrors have solid wood frames with oak veneers and have an elegant, natural finish. These large wall mirrors have an earthy feel and are long-lasting and durable. These large wall mirrors would make a strong statement in a room and would be ideal for a contemporary décor.

Large Bathroom Mirrors

We have a large selection of mirrors to choose from, many of which would fit in a bedroom, living room or kitchen environment. Our Lingfield Mirror 600 x 400 mm is made to exceptional standards and is made from valuable, carefully selected stone Sheesham from the Himalayas. This makes them very high quality large bathroom mirrors and gives them longevity and durability. These large bathroom mirrors have untreated finishes which shows of the natural grains in the wood to their full advantage. This gives it a distinctive look full of character and richness.

Cheval Mirrors

If you are looking for a good value, natural looking cheval mirror, then our Waverley Oak rectangular cheval mirror would be perfect. These cheval mirrors are made of a high quality grade of oak and are finished in a hard-wearing lacquer giving them protection against the wear and tear of everyday life. These cheval mirrors have a contemporary light oak appearance which would flatter other items of furniture and bring a light, airy feel to a room. These cheval mirrors are versatile and practical, and can be easily moved depending on the proportions of a room.

Big Mirrors

We have a wide range of mirrors to choose from depending on your style, décor or room size. Our Canberra mirror with a lip top is amongst our selection of big mirrors and is finished with a durable, high quality lacquer. These big mirrors have exposed joint detailing and dramatic lip tops which would add style and flair to a room. These big mirrors would look good on their own or would equally match other Canberra furniture.  In this range we have beds, a chest of drawers and a sideboard amongst others.

Glass Mirrors

We have a vast range of wall mirrors to choose from which would suit many different types of décor, some with bold frames and some with thin elegant frames. The Akita Walnut Wall mirror is a contemporary and beautiful wall mirror which would add a dramatic and chic look to a room. These glass mirrors have a very thin, minimalist frame which draws attention to the smooth glass of the mirror. The dark wood and crisp lines give these glass mirrors an oriental feel and the wood develops a lovely patina with age which brings out the natural grain of the wood. These glass mirrors are designed to be aesthetically pleasing as well as practical and versatile.

Free Standing Mirror full Length

We have a wide range of mirrors to select, depending on whether you are looking for a large wall mirror, a bathroom mirror or even a free standing mirror. Full length cheval mirrors offer the benefit of a large mirror with the practicality of a mirror that can be moved to suit the rest of the furniture in a room. Our Coach House Chateau painted cheval mirror is made from mahogany sourced from sustainable forests and is modelled on an authentic French provincial style. This mirror has Louis Philippe embellishments making it a more unusual free standing mirror. Full length, this mirror has intricate hand carved details and undergoes a bespoke hand finished colour and aging process.

Small Mirrors

We have a wide range of mirrors, in many different wood types and styles. Our Mottisfont painted square mirror 680 x 680 mm is one of our small mirrors, which would bring a cottage, rustic feel to a room. These small mirrors are made to order items and can be supplied painted in cream, white, blue or green. These small mirrors are made from pine but on request can be made with an oak surround. These small mirrors have simple, clean design and would add a fresh look to a room.

Wooden Mirror

If you are looking for a solid, durable and striking wooden mirror then our Vancouver Oak petite mirror 1100 x 800 mm would be ideal. This wooden mirror is made from solid European oak from sustainable sources and is a beautiful hand crafted item. This wooden mirror is an incredibly substantial item, finished in a mixture of wax and oil. This gives it some shine but does not alter the rustic appearance, making it an elegant yet rich item that would bring warmth to a room. This wooden mirror has a large, chunky frame which gives it a contemporary feel, yet the tone of the wood lends a traditional feel to the item.

Bathroom Wall Mirrors

If you are looking for a versatile mirror that would suit a bathroom, living room or bedroom then our New England Ash Small Wall Mirror 900 x 600 mm would be ideal. These bathroom wall mirrors are crafted from extremely high quality ash and would bring warmth and richness to a room. These bathroom wall mirrors have well defined lines and a geometric feel to them making them ideal for adding interest to a bathroom. These bathroom mirrors are elegant and contemporary.

Free Standing Full Length Mirror

We have a variety of free standing full length mirrors which would add a practical and versatile edge to your furniture collection. The Princeton Cheval Mirror is a light and airy free standing mirror with a fresh, ivory painted finish. This free standing full length mirror is shaker inspired and features a compact drawer cabinet at the bottom which provides useful storage. This free standing full length mirror has slim lines and features a sophisticated metal handle on the drawer.

A Home Needs More Than Just Mirrors

Mirrors are a very good finishing touch but a home requires more than just mirrors and oak furniture is just the thing. Oak Furniture Solutions can supply all of the bedroom furniture you need including oak bedsoak bedside cabinetsoak dressing tablesoak mirrorsoak chests of drawers and oak wardrobes. As well as all of the bedroom furniture you can also buy dining room furniture like dining chairs and dining tables, living room furniture and home office furniture.

Interior Designers Love Oak Mirrors

As well as providing a useful tool for checking ones appearance, an oak mirror gives an illusion of space and light wherever it is located. This trick makes mirrors a favourite with many interior designers, who use them to artificially brighten a gloomy room or corner.

Leading Purveyors of Oak Mirrors UK wide

Our oak surround mirrors are always in demand, due as much to their ludicrously low price as their stunning appearance and superlative build quality. If you are looking for cheap oak mirrors then we should definitely be your supplier of choice.

Oak Framed Mirror Sale on Now

Every location is suitable for oak framed mirrors bathroom, lounge or hallway can all benefit from oak framed mirrors. Large oak framed mirrors are ideal to place over a mantelpiece or on a featureless wall to form a pleasing accent. If you have an attractive garden, orientating an oak framed mirror so that it reflects your flowers gives your room an ever-changing picture which always gets positive comments. An oak framed bathroom mirror is a vital accessory to assist with hair styling, make-up application, shaving or other personal grooming. Look for oak framed bathroom mirrors with mist-free glass so that you can use it unimpeded after a shower or bath.

Delight in Different Types of Large Wood Framed Wall Mirrors.

Mirrors don't all have to be rectangular. For striking and original features, an oval, round or square mirror can provide a pleasing alternative. Period rooms often benefit from a less conventionally shaped oak frame mirror, harking back to the time when curvier furniture lines were the norm. Our oak frame mirrors come in various shapes and dimensions, so you should be able to find one which will give you the look that you want. Remember we will carefully transport your oak framed mirrors UK wide if you purchase more than £300 worth of goods.

Brighten Your World with a Large Oak Mirror

Large wooden wall mirrors seem to attract the light and cheer up even north-facing rooms or those which have small windows. All our large oak mirrors benefit from premium glass, which will reflect perfectly and give you flawless use for many years.

Cheaply Acquire Large Wooden Mirrors for Walls

If you are on the lookout for a bargain, then you are searching in the right place! We have dozens of beautiful mirrors on offer, all significantly discounted. We will even ship your large oak mirrors UK wide for free if you order merchandise in excess of £300.

A Wide Range of Oak Framed Mirrors for any Room

If you take a look through our selection of our large oak framed mirrors, you'll be sure to find a mirror that will suit your décor. Our large wood framed wall mirrors have a simplistic design that lends any room an aura of sophistication. When you're placing your oak framed mirror, you can make any room look bigger and brighter, which can only be a good thing. These beautiful oak framed mirrors can help give your home the finishing touch you needed.

Large Oak Framed Bathroom Mirrors

In our oak framed mirror sale, we can offer our customers a range of affordable mirrors that will match any room. You can save a lot of money by shopping through us; we've carefully sourced our mirrors to find low priced mirrors to sell, and keep the prices low for your convenience. Along with our affordable delivery system, free if you've spend more than £300 on our furniture in one order, we're offering you the best customer service we can.

High Quality Large Oak Mirrors for any Room

You can place our selection of large wooden wall mirrors in any room in the house, and it will match perfectly. Our mirrors range from small enough to place on a desk to large oak mirrors big enough to take up an entire wall, and with the various frames that hold these mirrors, it's not hard to find a mirror that will perfect your home. These frames are strong and attractive and won't easily break, making them the perfect frames to protect your new mirror from smashing.

The Advantages of High Quality Large Wooden Mirrors for Walls

It would be a dire mistake to choose a low quality mirror for your home. No matter how attractive your home and how much work you've put into the décor of the room, a low quality mirror can ruin all of that work. Not only do cheap frames easily break and wear down with age over a short period of time, the actual mirror can also be a disaster; low quality mirrors are often blotched and splotchy, and if smudged, it can be hard to clean it.

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