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Solid wood contemporary wardrobes are the perfect solution for your clothes. Solid wood wardrobes are sturdy, reliable and long-lasting and our collection includes many oak wardrobes, as well as pine, walnut and painted varieties.

Shop a huge range of contemporary wooden wardrobes at Oak Furniture Solutions. All of our solid wood wardrobes are made from the highest quality wood. We offer wardrobes in a variety of woods including oak wardrobes, pine wardrobes and walnut wardrobes. Our high quality wooden wardrobes are available in a range of sizes; single wardrobes are great for children’s rooms or if you’re short on space, double wardrobes provide ample space for one person and triple wardrobes are great for sharing. 

All of our solid wood bedroom furniture is made from the highest quality solid wood. Free and fast delivery! 

If you need help deciding which wardrobe to buy, you might find our wardrobe buying guide useful.

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Wardrobe Buying Guide

Standing tall and prominent, a wardrobe can make or break a bedroom. Select the right wardrobe and you will move a step closer to achieving your perfect bedroom.

Good storage is key to creating a sleek, uncluttered environment. A wardrobe is designed to store everything from clothing to blankets as well other bedroom items. Whether you’re looking for space for an ever-expanding collection of clothes, or you need a home for your vast shoe collection, there is a wardrobe for you. In fact, there are so many options available that shopping for one can be quite overwhelming. 

In this guide, we talk you through everything you need to know about wardrobes from the different styles available, choosing the right size to suit your needs, how to care for your wardrobe and much more. 


Finding Your Perfect Wardrobe

There are many different types of wardrobes on offer, in varying sizes and designs, to suit a multitude of rooms and storage requirements, but which is best for you?

What really matters when choosing a wardrobe is its function and how it's going to work within your space. Do you have a cavernous bedroom that needs a statement triple wardrobe to fill it? Or perhaps you have a cosy attic bedroom that needs a petite piece to nestle under the eaves? 

Freestanding or Fitted?

Fitted or built-in bedroom furniture typically fills the room from floor to ceiling and with very little space (or often no space) either side. Fitted wardrobes are normally bought as part of a whole bedroom refurbish, where you will need to consider new bedside tables, chests of drawers and other furniture at the same time. Whilst fitted wardrobes are great for maximizing space, you will need to factor in design and fitting costs. It’s also important to bear in mind that it will be extremely difficult for you to take your furniture with you if you move home. 

Free-standing wardrobes are a more flexible option. It can be bought as a single piece of furniture, or as part of a matching set. It will be up and ready to house your clothes almost instantly and will require very little assembly. You also have the option to move the wardrobe around your room or to other rooms in your home if you fancy a change.

Wardrobes for Small Bedrooms

If you have a particularly small space that you need to squeeze some storage into, such as a children's bedroom or even a corner alcove bedroom, then a midi wardrobe or a single wardrobe would be the most practical purchase. Our Vancouver Oak Petite wardrobes as well as our Lundy Painted & Oak Midi Wardrobes are ideal for children's rooms or bedrooms with very small proportions. These small wardrobes have a series of compact drawers on one side and a small all-hanging section on the other. 

You may also want to take a look at our collection of single wardrobes, which are tall but narrow, offering more floor space. 

Wardrobes for Large Bedrooms

If you’re lucky enough to have a large bedroom to furnish, you might wish to go for a substantial double or triple wardrobe. If you're short on drawer space, then a Gents wardrobe would be ideal. With drawers below and a full-length section above, gents wardrobes are ideal if you’re looking for drawers as well as hanging space. Why not try our Sherwood Oak Double All Hanging Wardrobe or our Westbury Reclaimed Oak Gents Wardrobe?

A triple wardrobe is the ultimate one-stop solution for clothes, extra bedding and any clutter that's hanging around the bedroom. For chunky and rustic triple wardrobes, have a look at our Devon Oak Triple Wardrobe or our Alton Oak Triple Wardrobe with Mirror. A lot of triple wardrobes come with full-length mirrors built into the central panel, which means that you don't need to purchase a separate cheval mirror or use up wall space with a mirror. Triple wardrobes are also available with sliding doors, meaning minimal intrusion on your bedroom space. 

Shopping For a New Wardrobe

When shopping for a new wardrobe, there are key questions to ask around style, size and wood type.

The style that’s right for you will be dependent on several factors, including your own taste, your existing furniture, the room dimensions and, of course, your budget. 

If you’re opting for a solid wood wardrobe, it is important to choose a wood type that compliments existing pieces of furniture in your room. 

The most common material for a free-standing wardrobe is solid wood whereas fitted wardrobes are more often crafted from a man-made material or a composite material such as MDF. If you want to make a striking statement in a spacious bedroom, then a walnut wardrobe or a high-gloss wardrobe with deeper tones would help to create a warming atmosphere in a room, drawing the eye to it. 

A light oak piece is ideal for creating a sense of space with lighter tones opening out the dimensions of a room. Rustic tones add warmth to a room, so a pine or darker oak piece displaying knots and grains will add a cosy touch to a room. Solid wood wardrobes are often offered with a choice of finishes. 

The majority of wooden wardrobes will be finished with lacquer, which protects and accentuates the natural qualities of the wood. Wax draws out the natural grain of the wood but is often considered to be less hard-wearing than a lacquer finish. Some wardrobes are finished with a coat of paint. Two-tone finishes are ideal for adding a fresh and unique look to a room.

Other features of a wardrobe that you might want to consider are:

  • Inside the wardrobe: Is there enough hanging space and can you reach? What internal storage does it offer and is the shelving adjustable? Adjustable shelving makes it easier to accommodate a small hanging space at the top of the shelf section.

  • Handles and Finishing Touches: Look out too for wardrobes, which feature a choice of alternate wood tops and handles. Some wardrobes are available with the choice of wooden or metal handles, which can really change the look, such as this Devon Oak Gents Wardrobe

  • Door Fastenings: It's also worth noting what sort of door fastenings a prospective wardrobe has. For example, a more traditional style wardrobe might feature an external showcase fastener, such as a latch.  In general, the majority of wardrobes will feature internal fastenings, either magnetic or roller catch. A magnetic catch will usually create a smoother opening motion, whereas a roller catch will be more secure.

  • Assembly: It's worthwhile checking the type of assembly required for any wardrobe before purchasing. Most wardrobes, unless given a bespoke paint finish, will usually come partially or completely disassembled, simply because of their size and dimensions.  Check the dimensions of the unassembled wardrobe to ensure it fits in your home. 

Should I Buy Online or In-Store?

Wardrobes are widely available from stores and online. 

Whether to purchase a wardrobe online or offline is often a tricky question, with both options having their merits. Some people find touching and feeling a wardrobe in store very useful, however you will probably find more choice and a better deal in terms of pricing online. Make sure that wherever you purchase it from accepts refunds and offers a delivery service if required.   

Measuring Up For Your New Wardrobe

Before taking measurements, you must decide where to place it. The ideal place for a wardrobe is often in the corner. However, in a small room, you need to be careful that a wardrobe doesn’t overpower the space. A handy tip is to remember to work with the proportions of the space you have; for example if you have an alcove you may choose a wardrobe that will fit perfectly, accentuating the room and saving space too. 

If you want it to make a statement, then place your wardrobe in the centre of a wall to draw the eye. Wardrobes with mirrors could be angled towards a window to reflect as much light as possible.

Once you have a good idea of where you want your new wardrobe to stand, measure the space to ensure that it is going to fit. Be aware of sloping ceilings, other furniture and anything else that might pose a problem such as protruding skirting boards and doors.

Caring For Your Wardrobe

When it comes to caring for your wardrobe, there are a few pointers that you should follow to ensure that you can enjoy your furniture for years to come.


  • Move nearby floor lamps periodically to ensure that the colouration of the wood matures evenly.

  • Avoid placing in direct sunlight to prevent your furniture fading over time. 


  • Use all-purpose cleaning sprays that don’t say that they are suitable for wood.

  • Overfill your wardrobe; clothes won't be able to breathe and hanging rails will be put under strain.

  • Place your wardrobe too close to heat sources such as radiators.


 * Oak Furniture Solutions do not accept any responsibility for any damage caused to furniture by the following of these guidelines. These guidelines are provided as informed suggestions only and are written as general notes for customers. Customers seeking professional, specific after-care advice should either contact us directly or get in touch with a professional polisher or furniture restorer. 



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