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Dining Table & Chair Sets

A dining table and chairs set makes a focal point in a dining room.  It must be practical but also it a show piece for your guests.  Most of our dining tables are solid wood and available in many different styles and wood types.  We specialise in Oak tables but we have more wood types to chose from than that!

We offer dining table and chairs with the capacity for up to 12 diners, with extending, rectangular and oval oak, painted pine and walnut dining table and chairs to suit your style. 

You might also be interested in our kitchen dining sets. If you need some advice when choosing your dining table and chair set, you may find our buying guide useful. 


Dining Table and Chairs Buying Guide

The dining room is arguably the most important room in the house.  It is around the dining table that we socialise, while we eat and drink in the company of our friends and family. It is also a gathering point in a home, a place to catch up and wind down as well as celebrate special occasions. Choosing the perfect piece is not a decision to be taken lightly. We’ve prepared a suitably in-depth, informative and inspirational dining room buying guide, to help you select just the right dining set for your home.

Right back to the days of the ancient Greeks through to the present day, the dining room has been as much about socialising as it has been about eating. It is the hub of the home, bringing people together and providing a great setting when entertaining. Your dining table may also see homework sessions, become a place of creativity or even double up as a home office for the week. It’s therefore important to invest wisely. 

The dining table is the most vital piece of furniture in the dining room, so choosing the right one for the room, for your household and your own personal tastes is essential. In this guide we talk you through everything you need to know about dining tables and chairs; from the different styles available, choosing the right size to suit your needs, how to care for your dining furniture and much more.

Which Dining Table?

Don’t get in a quandary when searching for your perfect dining table; revel in the choice and make sure you do your research, after all, there are a lot of options out there. 

Round Dining Tables: If you’ve got a small space; you don’t always have to compromise on size, especially when choosing dining furniture. Round dining tables are the perfect solution for a small space; central strutted dining tables are even more giving, allowing extra leg room. They are perfect social ice-breakers too, allowing everyone to get involved and stimulating interaction.

Square Dining Tables: Similarly square dining tables work well if you’re tight on space, they also contribute to a sense of togetherness and intimacy that might otherwise be lost. 

Not only that, but a square dining table also gives balance to the layout of a room; especially if it’s already symmetrical in its design. They will provide up to four diners with an equal amount of space too; perfect for a couple or small family.

Whether you’re a fan of Feng Shui or not, considering the layout of your dining area will give you a useful framework to base your dining furniture research on. 

Rectangular Dining Tables: Rectangular dining tables will slip fluidly into most dining rooms, mirroring the room’s rectangular shapes. You will find that most dining tables available are rectangular because this is the shape of most dining rooms. They are a great option for families bigger than four and for entertaining as they tend to be more flexible than a square or circular table.

Extending Dining Tables: Alternatively you could always opt for an all-rounder piece - the extending dining table. These tables can be found in any shape, circular, oval, square or rectangular and provide the most flexibility of all.  If you have extra guests, folding out the leaf and pulling up some extra chairs will provide the perfect solution.


Which Dining Chairs?

Your dining table will not be complete without a matching set of chairs, or even an eclectic choice of chairs and a bench. Whichever option you’re inclined towards, make sure you always consider comfort and the chair’s unity with the rest of the room. 

For instance, you may wish to go for a high-backed chair if you’re furnishing a large room. This style would be certain to add a touch of grandeur too.

Low-backed chairs and benches work well in smaller rooms. Low-backed chairs always look great around a circular table, while benches tuck neatly under a long dining table and make it easier to fit more people around the table at mealtimes, especially kids.

If you want extra comfort or a touch of added sophistication, roll-back chairs are perfect. They come into their own on special occasions without being too much for everyday use. 


Shopping For Your Dining Table & Chairs

When shopping for new dining furniture, think carefully about the room. You need to get a clear idea of what will work best for you and fix it clearly in your mind. This will help you decide exactly what it is you need and, of course, want.

One option is to buy the dining tables and chairs as a set. This will ensure that the chairs and the table match well – especially in terms of wood type, colour and size. You may also find that buying furniture as a set is better value than buying separately. Have a look at our dining table and matching chair sets. 

Buy online or from a store?

This is a very common question and both options have their benefits. Some people find touching and feeling a dining table in store very useful, however you are likely to find more choice and a better deal in terms of pricing online. Make sure that wherever you purchase it from accepts refunds and offers a delivery service if required.  


Dining Table & Chairs Style Guide

There are so many different styles out there that it can be difficult to choose one that is both practical and expresses your personality. Below we give tips on which dining table to choose depending on the look you’re trying to create.

Contemporary dining: Are you drawn to a modern dining style? Stick to sleek finishes, sharp lines and bold wood types such as extra light or extra dark wood. Slim tabletops also create a modern feel. You might also look to dining tables that have a contrasting surface top such as dining tables with wooden legs and a glass top or steel legs with a wooden top. 

Industrial: If you want a design that stands out, you’ll love our industrial ranges such as Industrial Pine Dining. Industrial pieces are often made from metals and reclaimed woods, giving them a very unique style. Industrial style dining tables and chairs are guaranteed to add a twist of New York style to your dining room. 

Country cottage: Want to bring the outside in? Rustic and country styles are both perfect for this because they use natural wood finishes and neutral, natural colours. To create this look, go for a heavy solid wood such as oak, with chunky legs. You might also consider painted wooden dining tables to really emphasise that farmhouse feel. Our Provence 2 tone range has some beautiful two tone dining furniture 

Traditional or Antique-style: Perhaps you live in an older property with a lot of original features? If this is the case, traditional furniture would best suit your home with its dark woods and ornate details. Take a look at walnut dining tables, or check out our Sophia oak dining table that has an antique oak finish with beautiful detailing.

Retro or Scandinavian: 70s style furniture is making a come-back. If you’re looking for a retro or Scandinavian feel, opt for a light pine dining table. Form-bent wood is popular in Scandinavian décor so take a look at round or oval tables with soft rounded edges. Whilst the wood is light and sleek, Scandinavian design can’t resist a splash of colour, so make sure you have some fun with the colour of the chairs. Check out our Oslo or Ella Walnut ranges for inspiration.

Accessorising Your Dining Furniture

When it comes to accessorising your dining furniture, it is important to consider the overall look and feel of the room. Adapt the furniture in your dining room to help bring out the room’s best features. By doing this, you will also ensure that the furniture really suits the space it inhabits. Work with a high ceiling in a small room by fixing a low-hanging light above the table or arrange a tall vase of flowers, dried grasses or long feathers to add interest and give your table some height.

Measuring For Your Dining Furniture

Before buying a new dining set, you need to ensure not only that it will fit comfortably in your dining room but also that you can get it inside and set it up without damaging your furniture.

To make sure that your furniture is in proportion with your room, measure the floor area of your room and decide where the dining set will stand.  If you want to try high or low-backed chairs in the space for the first time, you’ll also want to measure the height of the ceiling to ensure that they will be in proportion.

Before buying your furniture make a floor plan, so that you can see how much space it is going to be taken up.  If you can’t tell just by looking at the plan, you could always plan the dimensions and positions of your furniture on the floor of your room with newspaper or masking tape. Remember to leave enough room for chairs (and people) to sit comfortably around the table. We recommend leaving around 2ft of space for each person. If you need to save seating space, why not try a bench on one side of the table?

If you decide to purchase an extending dining table, remember to make sure that the room is big enough for the table to fit comfortably when it is extended as well as at its usual length.

Caring For Your Dining Furniture


  • Rest on something when you write while sitting up to a wooden table to avoid marking or scratching the surface.

  • Re-wax or re-oil (depending on the finish) the table and chairs to keep them looking like new for longer.

  • Use a micro-fibre cloth to dust.  It picks up the specks easily without scratching the table and doesn’t need a polish at all.  Best of all, when it gets dirty you can machine wash and tumble dry it.


  • Use all-purpose cleaners on wooden furniture unless the label specifically states that it is suitable.

  • Place a table too close to a heater as the temperature fluctuations can warp and damage the wood.

  • Store the leaves of your expanding table separately; the wood is likely to shrink or expand differently from the table and might not fit when you try to use them.

* Oak Furniture Solutions do not accept any responsibility for any damage caused to furniture by the following of these guidelines. These guidelines are provided as informed suggestions only and are written as general notes for customers. Customers seeking professional, specific after-care advice should either contact us directly or get in touch with a professional polisher or furniture restorer. 

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