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Dressers and Buffet & Hutch

Dressers or Buffet & Hutch are long-lasting, timeless pieces of furniture guaranteed to transform any room. Typically kept in the dining room or kitchen, dressers offer a huge amount of storage as well as the opportunity to display your favourite items. 

Oak Furniture Solutions offers a huge range of dressers in a number of styles and sizes to suit all tastes and spaces. Our dressers are available in various solid woods including oak, pine, sheesham and mahogany. Find your ideal dresser by exploring our range below or using the filters to the left.

One of our more popular products is the Vancouver Reclaimed Oak Buffet & Hutch as well as other items in this range. Mottisfont is an extensive made to order pine range available waxed or painted cream, white, green or blue with a choice of handles and either oak or pine tops. Bespoke items within this range are also available.

If you need help deciding which dresser to buy, you might find our Buying Guide useful.

Dressers, Sideboards and Wine Storage Buying Guide

Whilst it often takes centre stage, a dining table isn’t the only piece of furniture for your dining room. Extra pieces of furniture can offer storage space, surfaces to serve food and a place to display your keepsakes. More furniture can also enhance the character and style of the room, helping you achieve your perfect dining room look.  

Sideboards, dressers, and wine cabinets or wine racks are all pieces of furniture you might look to invest in for your dining room. In this guide we take a look at each of these furniture pieces, and how you can find the best one to transform your dining room. 

Sideboards, Servers and Buffets

Sideboards, servers and buffets can all be considered as the same thing, with only slight variations.  

Sideboards are traditionally long, low storage pieces, typically waist-high. They started life as a simple trestle table used for serving food but have since evolved to encompass a range of extras. Over time, people added storage to the table such as drawers, cupboards, wine racks and more until it finally arrived at the sideboards we recognise today. 

The French coined the word buffet as a small sideboard for storing crockery and cutlery. So you could say that a buffet is just another word for a small sideboard. 

Dressers and Buffet & Hutch

Dressers (or buffet & hutch) provide even more storage and boast a display cabinet on top of the sideboard (or buffet). This is ideal for storing or displaying glassware and keepsakes as well as special crockery. 

Dressers and sideboards were traditionally used in the dining room, however, they are now commonly found in kitchens, hallways and even living rooms. 

Wine Cabinets & Wine Racks

Wine cabinets provide the perfect storage solution for your finest Merlots or Pinot Grigios. Bottles in a wine rack are stored on their side, which keeps the cork moist and prevents air from entering ensuring your wine stays in good condition.

What's Available?

A huge number of sideboards, dressers and wine cabinets are available on the market in a range of sizes, styles, colours and wood types. 


Sideboards are typically low and wide, but if you don’t have room to accommodate a wide sideboard, there are smaller options available. If you are looking at dressers, they are normally very tall so it’s worth checking the height of your ceilings in advance to avoid disappointment. Wine cabinets are available in a number of different sizes, wine racks are integrated into wide console tables or also available as part of a tall and thin cabinet


Storage in a sideboard or dresser can come in a number of different forms. Some have cupboards with shelves behind them or some are available with drawers. Sideboards or dressers with open bottle wineracks are increasingly common and are also referred to as cellarets. Ideal if you want your dresser to double up as a bar!

Wine cabinets offer a huge amount of storage, often integrated into a large piece of furniture such as a console table or dresser. Wine racks are also available with just a little extra storage such as a single drawer – ideal for storing your corkscrew.

Dressers often have glass doors so you have the opportunity to display treasured objects that you don’t want to get dusty. 

Wood Type

Sideboards and dressers can be made from a number of different woods. Dressers are typically made from solid wood, as high quality solid wood can hold a good amount of weight. This is especially important when your dresser is stacked with the heavy weight of crockery, glasses, placemats and cutlery.

The wood type will also impact the style of the dresser or sideboard. Further in this guide take a more detailed look into how you can create your desired style with the wood type. 


Shopping For a New Sideboard, Dresser or Wine Cabinet

A new sideboard or dresser is a big investment as it is a piece of furniture that will last a long time. Most people only buy one dresser or sideboard in their lifetime, so it’s important to choose wisely. Below we consider a number of questions you should ask yourself before shopping for your new dining furniture. 

What will you use it for? 

Consider the main purpose of your dresser, sideboard or wine cabinet. Is it for storage? If so, what exactly will you store in it? Do you need drawers or cupboard storage? How many bottles of wine does it need to accommodate? Are there things that you would like on display, in which case you might want to consider glass cupboards. 

Will you use the sideboard to serve or display food? If so, it is worth considering a finish that is splash proof and relatively easy to clean. Lacquered or waxed wood makes it easier to wipe off spillages and splashes.

You should also bear in mind that as a sideboard or dresser is a long-term piece of furniture, it might find itself being used in another room. 

Does it match your existing furniture and décor?

Consider the existing furniture in your dining room. Does the sideboard or dresser match the dining table? Whilst it doesn’t have to match exactly, you could use complimentary wood types to ensure a sense of cohesion. Most wooden dressers and sideboards are neutral, allowing the dining table and chairs to take centre stage in the room. But your dresser or sideboard needn’t be a wallflower either, look for dressers with interesting detailing such as unique cupboard doors, eye-catching door handles or unique wood grains and knots.

Buy Online or In-Store?

Everyone has their own preferred way of shopping and this has changed radically over recent years as the variety and quality of online services improves. You may want to shop around, looking for ideas in person and then discover these options online. Some people find being able to stand in front of a physical sideboard or dresser very useful, however you will find more choice and a better deal in terms of pricing online. Make sure that wherever you purchase your furniture from accepts refunds and offers a delivery service if required.  

Dresser, Sideboard and Wine Rack Style Guide

Dressers and sideboards can help you achieve your desired dining room look. We take you through some of the more popular looks and how you can use a dresser or sideboard to achieve them.

Contemporary: If you’re looking to create a modern look with your dresser or sideboard, go for sleek, clean lines and bold wood shades such as extra light or extra dark wood.

Country cottage: There’s nothing like a dresser to bring a touch of country cottage to your home. Opt for neutral colours and finishes such as natural oak or pine. Or have a look at painted dressers for a more rustic or French country feel. 

Traditional or antique-style: Perhaps you live in an older property with a lot of original features? In which case you might want to take a look at the darker wood dressers or sideboards such as mahogany or sheesham.

Retro/Scandinavian: If you’re looking for a retro or Scandinavian feel, opt for a sideboard or dresser with rounded edges and an extremely smooth finish. Pine or walnut sideboards achieve this look well and we especially recommend the Oslo Walnut Sideboard or the Studio Oak Sideboard.

Once you have chosen your piece of furniture, don’t forget to accessorise it! Sideboards, dressers and wine cabinets offer extra surface space, ideal for lights, ornaments and photo frames.  You can also use a sideboard to anchor artwork on the wall, geometrically lining it up. 

Measuring for Your New Dining Furniture

Dressers and sideboards are heavy and cumbersome pieces of furniture, so you want to make sure it fits your room before buying. 

Take precise measurements of your room prior to shopping for your dresser or sideboard. Consider the width, depth and height of the sideboard or dresser and remember to leave room for a dining table, dining chairs and, of course, people. If the dresser or sideboard has drawers or cupboards, make sure there is enough room to open and access them. Take note of the height of your existing furniture such as your dining table and chairs.

You should plan which wall you intend to place the sideboard against before shopping. Open plan dining rooms can still accommodate sideboards as they make useful room dividers. 


Taking Care of Your Sideboard, Dresser or Wine Cabinet

Take good care of your dresser, sideboard or wine cabinet and it will be a loyal piece of furniture for years to come. 


  • We recommend re-oiling or re-waxing periodically (depending on what the item is finished with)

  • Clean up stains and spillages immediately

  • Lamps or other accessories placed on the dresser or sideboard should be moved periodically to ensure that the colouration of the furniture matures evenly and uniformly

  • Use a placemat to protect the surfaces from hot dishes

  • Consider getting a splash board fitted 


  • Don’t place drinks directly on the sideboard or dresser– use a coaster to avoid rings

  • Don’t place sharp objects (such as keys) directly onto the sideboard or dresser to avoid scratching the surface

  • Don’t place the dresser or sideboard too close to radiators or other sources of heat

* Oak Furniture Solutions do not accept any responsibility for any damage caused to furniture by the following of these guidelines. These guidelines are provided as informed suggestions only and are written as general notes for customers. Customers seeking professional, specific after-care advice should either contact us directly or get in touch with a professional polisher or furniture restorer. 


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