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Classic and Traditional

Classic wooden furniture is all about showcasing and celebrating the tradition of woodcraft and techniques that go back centuries. Techniques such as dovetailed joints, angular legs and tongue and groove panels make up the solid construction of this type of furniture, which is made to last a lifetime. Traditional furniture is classically proportioned and emphasises clean lines and shapes. It is a style that is functional and sensible, and oozes with quiet confidence. 

At Oak Furniture Solutions, skilled experts craft our classic furniture from the finest materials to meet our exacting standards. We stock traditional designs in a range of styles, made to serve any modern home for a lifetime. These timeless designs are beautiful yet practical and adaptable – classic style furniture is furniture at its very best.

Browse our full range of traditional and classic furniture below or read more on how to get the classic/traditional look.


Classic Interiors

Classic interiors are timeless and made to serve the needs of your home. These interiors are familiar and warm, they scream ‘welcome home’ and are places that invite you to put your feet up with a cuppa. 

Classic interiors not trend focused and therefore they never look dated, tired or passé. Never ornate or overly fussy, instead classic interiors are understated, sophisticated and highly functional. It is a style that is subtle, adaptable, and made to outlast the current fads. 

Classic Furniture at Oak Furniture Solutions 

We’ve picked our classic and traditional wooden furniture ranges for their timeless designs and expert craftsmanship. We stock a wide range of traditional wood furniture made in a number of different materials and styles to suit your needs. 

Our Devon Oak range is beautifully crafted from the finest oak using traditional joinery methods for long-lasting furniture. The designs use clean lines and simple shapes and the furniture is carefully lacquered to enhance the subtle tones of the wood. 

If you prefer classic style furniture that is painted, take a look at our Eton and Camden ranges. Eton furniture is made from the highest quality Acacia wood and includes a range of furniture suitable for any timeless bedroom, whilst our Camden range is a highly versatile selection of furniture for your bedroom made from solid pine, painted with knock resistant paint. 

Our Sherwood Oak range is made from light solid oak. This fresh collection of furniture including bedroom, dining room and kitchen furniture is sure to bring life to any room.

Get The Look

If you want to create a timeless interior for your home, fill it with designs that are classic, made to last, and suit the architecture of the room. The furniture you choose should fit the room perfectly, too large and it will overpower, too small and it will seem insignificant. 

Pick traditional colours such as neutrals and crisp whites for the walls. They will accentuate the space without overbearing it. Avoid the pantone colour of the year, and save bright colours for furnishings and artwork. Be careful not to let trendy colours or patterns dictate the tone of the room. 

For more inspiration on creating classic interiors for your home, check out our Pinterest board. 

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