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Indian interior design is as rich and exotic as the country itself. Deeply rooted in the country's culture and history, Indian design is best known for its ornate furniture and rich textiles, most of which are handmade using traditional methods. 

Indian style furniture can make your home feel like a faraway place, filled with the beauty and mystery. Browse our collection and transport your home to this exotic country. 

Browse our collection of Indian-inspired furniture below or read more on how to get the Indian-style look in your home.


Indian Interior Design

The philosophy behind Indian interior design is about creating a home that promotes wellbeing. For Hindus, colours have very deep significance, so vibrant colours are integral to Indian interior design. For instance, in Northern India yellow signifies prosperity due to its association with a good harvest. 

This look and style is a reflection of a hugely diverse nation hence why Indian interiors are often ornate and eclectic. It is all about combining and balancing intricately patterned textiles, rich colour and beautifully craved wooden furniture. 

Our Indian Style Furniture

At Oak Furniture Solutions, our Indian style wooden furniture is carved from exotic woods including rosewood (sheesham) and reclaimed timber salvaged from Gujarat and Rajasthan. We’ve carefully selected our ranges to showcase both traditional and contemporary Indian design. India has a long woodcraft history, and their craftsman remain some of the most respected in the world, which is why all of the Indian-style furniture we stock has been made by Indian woodcraftsmen using traditional methods. 

Jali and Thacket is a collection of Maharaja-inspired dining and living room furniture. Best known for the intricate portcullis ironwork and wrought iron handles that adorns many of the pieces, adding exquisite detail to the rich textures of the rosewood. 

Our Marhatta range is handcrafted using colourful reclaimed wood found across Southern Indian that is between 50 and 150 years old. Beautifully made steel frames give this Indian furniture a distinctively modern feel, whilst still being rich with history.

Get The Look

For a modern take on an Indian interior use throws, rugs, pillows and ornaments to add the rich colours and exotic patterns of India to your home. Reds, golds/yellows, turquoises and purples are the colours most often found on Indian inspired soft furnishings. 

Whether you favour contemporary Indian inspired furniture or more traditional Indian inspired furniture, it should be keep dark and made from wood types found in the country, like Indian Rosewood.  

Animal motifs are also prevalent in Indian homes, as they play an important part in the country’s religion, so having images, carvings or ornaments of animals such as elephants and tigers will add to the Indian theme. 

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