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Rustic Style Furniture

The beauty of rustic furniture lies in the ‘imperfections’ of the unfinished wood, the knots and natural variety found in the grain. This, teamed with charmingly simple and rugged design, makes rustic style furniture a timeless choice for your home. 

At Oak Furniture Solutions we have a wide range of rustic style furniture at great value for you to choose from. Whether you’re after solid wood furniture, reclaimed oak furniture or eco-friendly wood furniture we’ve got something to suit any home. Browse our rustic style collections today and start creating your own natural oasis. You may also wish to take a look at our Rustic Style Guide for guidance on how to get the look.



What is Rustic Style?

Whilst traditionally rustic style maybe heavy and dark, contemporary rustic style feels fresh and light, whist still being firmly grounded. Rustic style is all about creating inviting, lived-in and warm spaces in your home. A rustic interior aims to bring a sense of the outdoors in, and focuses on the beauty of natural materials, especially wood. 

A modern rustic home has an open floor plan, preserved and exposed natural architectural features and a simple colour scheme with large windows to bring the outdoors in. Modern rustic style has an informal elegance and is best of both comfortable and contemporary living.

Rustic style and Oak Furniture Solutions

Well-chosen pieces of rustic furniture will add warmth and a more organic feel to any room, and are essential for creating a truly rustic interior. 

Our Westbury, Hereford and Santana collections are all made from reclaimed oak. This rustic wood type is full of character with beautiful knots and interesting grain patterns.  Each piece of furniture in these collections is truly unique. 

If you are looking for rustic oak furniture for your bedroom, Hereford Oak offers a great selection of dressing tables, wardrobes, beds, chest of drawers and blanket boxes, all crafted to the highest standards from beautiful and light reclaimed oak. 

Our Westbury Reclaimed range is made from warmer, mid-tone reclaimed oak and has a selection of furniture perfect for your bedroom and dining room. Drawers are finished with beautiful tarnished metal handles, for a truly rustic look. 

If you’re interested in furniture made from less common wood-types our Chennai Acacia & Slate range is a collection of stunning furniture inspired by organic and simple forms. 


Get The Look

Follow a few simple rules to get a rustic look in your home: 

Avoid painted furniture and painting over exposed beams, brickwork, flooring and any other natural surfaces or features in your home. Rustic interiors is all about showcasing the simple beauty of these materials, so don’t cover them up!

Choose natural and sturdy fabrics such as wool, cotton and linen for the draperies. Avoid dainty patterns, and go for strong and streamlined ones like Pendleton, modern quilts and gingham. 

Choose furniture with surfaces that either show their age or fake it well. When buying new furniture, choose pieces made from reclaimed wood or wood-types with prominent grain patterning. 

The rustic palette is mostly made up from organic and earthy tones pulled from the ground. Keep walls light to avoid your home looking too dark and keep it modern with splashes of brighter colours such as denim blue, red and faded turquoise. 

For more inspiration, check out some of our favourite rustic styled rooms on Pinterest.  


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