Whether you are looking for a centrepiece for your home office, a homework desk or simply a space on which to place your laptop, we have the ideal desk for you. 

Here at Oak Furniture Solutions, we offer a wide range of desks in a number of styles, shapes and sizes. As specialists in solid wood furniture we stock an unrivalled range of solid wood home office desks including oak desks, walnut desks, pine desks and dark wood desks

Choose a solid wood desk in a number of variations including desks with pedestals, corner desks, wooden desks with glass tops, computer desks, laptop deskshidden desks and many more.

All our home office desks are crafted from the highest quality solid wood and come with free returns. Orders over £300 also receive free delivery. Browse our full range of home office desks below. If you need help deciding which desk to buy, you might find our desk buying guide useful.

Desk Buying Guide

Whatever you need a desk for – working from home, studying, homework or sorting out all that life admin - it’s important that you get the right one for your needs. A good desk can make even the most arduous task seem far less troublesome and even get the creative juices flowing. With a huge variety of desks on offer and a number of key considerations, this guide helps you find a desk perfect for you, one that is practical as well as stylish. 

Which Desk?

The number of home office desks on the market can be quite daunting. Desks are available in a huge range of shapes and sizes, as well as in a variety of materials like laminate, metal, glass or wood. You can also get corner desks, L-Shaped, U-Shaped, straight, oval and circular desks. In recent years, some work places have even started using stand up desks.

With such a variety of options, it’s important to understand your requirements and then be able to match them to a desk. We take a look at the key considerations you should bear in mind before starting your desk hunt. 

Drawers or no drawers?

Another option to weigh up is choosing a desk with or without drawers. Desks with drawers are extremely useful as they provide more storage space and help you organise, however if you are short on space you might want to opt for a more compact desk with no extra storage. 

If you opt for desks with no drawers, there is always the option to have shelves above your desk or a pedestal or filing cabinet elsewhere in the room/study. 


Working from Home

If you work from home, even for a small amount of time, you will know the importance of having a suitable desk. As hard as you try and as comfortable as it can be for a short amount of time, a sofa is not the place to work nor is the kitchen table – you need a desk and one that’s right for you. You also need to pay more attention to things like productivity and ergonomics. Protecting your body by considering posture, relative distances, positioning of computer screens and the use of footstools and the type of chair is essential for the home-worker. More on this in our Measuring a Desk section.


Shopping for a New Desk

There are a number of practical and style-based considerations that you must take into account when shopping for a desk. Much of this will be based on your requirements like how much surface space you require, accessibility and the space you will be occupying.  



You need to bear in mind who will use the desk and what for. Will you need space for a PC or a laptop? If so, do you have enough space for a mouse and keyboard? Also, you should leave enough room for stationery and filing trays. When you work, do you need space to spread out papers and books? Ask yourself all of these questions before you embark on shopping for a desk.


Online or Instore

Everyone has their own preferred way of shopping and this has changed radically over recent years as the variety and quality of online services improves hugely. You may want to shop around, looking for ideas in person and then discover these options online. Some people find being able to sit at a physical desk very useful, however you will find more choice and a better deal in terms of pricing online. Make sure that wherever you purchase your desk from accepts refunds and offers a delivery service if required.  


Style Guide

Before you start looking for a new desk, take a look at the rest of the furniture in the room. Your new desk should complement the existing furniture and décor as well as being a stylish addition in itself. As previously mentioned, practical considerations are a priority but that is no reason at all to neglect the impact a stylish desk can have in your home.  



Before deciding on your desk, have a look at the rest of the furniture in your room. If you have wooden furniture already, try to find a desk with a similar shade of wood. If your existing wooden furniture is dark, go for desks made from walnut or dark oak. If your furniture is lighter, go for pine, oak or even a painted wood.

Most wood types are strong enough to hold books, PCs, laptops etc.  When it comes to wooden desks, the most popular types are oak and pine.

You should consider the style of your desk surface. Desk surfaces are primarily made from 4 types of material:

  • Laminate: The most popular desk surface, mostly found in offices

  • Metal or steel: A very unique style of desk, great if you’re going for the vintage industrial look

  • Glass: chic and sophisticated, it takes a certain type of room to pull off a desk with a glass surface

  • Wood: Possibly the most elegant and durable desk surface material


How to accessorise your Desk

The layout and how you accessorise your desk depends entirely on what you will use your desk for. Everyone has their own preferred way of setting up a work station, especially when it comes to a computer layout so make sure your desk can accommodate your ideal. This can include having more than one monitor for a desktop PC or just a single laptop. If you need a mouse, keyboard, printer, and scanner then this will need to be arranged for easy access. Also, consider the space needed to spread out papers, books and all that gorgeous stationery you’ve been collecting. 


Where to place your desk?

Firstly decide which room your desk will go in. Smaller desks work better in a bedroom, whilst desks can afford to be bigger and bulkier in a study. Be sure to measure the space intended for your desk, taking note of the width and breadth. 

The different shapes of desk can work in different room shapes and sizes. The standard rectangular desk works well in most spaces. However, if your room layout is short on space or an awkward shape then corner desks work well.  L-Shaped desks are ideal for those that need lots of surface area and even divide their workspace into different areas. If space permits, you can place a desk in the centre of a room. Cables will need to be tidied if you opt for this layout. U-Shaped desks can make a statement and dominate a room.

You might also want to make a note of the height if your desk is to sit under a window or under shelves.  Consider whether you want it to sit flush with other furniture such as a pedestal. After you have your measurements, make sure you account for chair space.

You may want to make a decision on your preferred view and the lighting, especially if your desk is forming part of a home office. Do you want to be able to look out of a window? Do you want to face a corner or wall? Work out your ideal position and plan your layout accordingly. 

Measuring Your Desk: 

Consider who will be using the desk. Standard desk heights of 29 to 30 inches from the floor are sufficient for most users, whilst younger children require smaller desks, especially if intended for a child’s bedroom. Taller people will need to ensure they have sufficient space for the legs to avoid the dreaded knee bump. Some desks have adjustable heights.

If you already have chair for your desk, keep in mind the height and width dimensions of the chair to ensure it fits. 23 inches is the minimum distance recommended for any chair behind a desk. You will also want to be able to move your legs freely under the desk.

You want your desk to be a comfortable space and not appear cluttered. If you are using it to hold a computer make sure it is big enough, and if you are going to keep the tower on or under your desk. Have an inventory in your head of what you will usually have on your desk at any one time. When it comes to depth and width of desk, you need to be able to accommodate and reach everything with ease. If you like to spread out papers, refer to books and have a laptop or computer then consider how much space is required.


Caring For Your Desk

Whether you use your desk everyday or once in a while, it’s important to look after it so you can maximize the use for years to come. Follow these simple rules to keep your desk in great condition: 


  • Dust your desk regularly

  • Clean up spills quickly to prevent staining

  • Use a desk tidy to prevent scratching the surface (and keep organised!) 

  • Use coasters for any drinks

  • Move your computer equipment regularly, even if overnight, to prevent discolouration


  • There are so many things that can scratch your desk – don’t let them – use desks tidies and small trays

  • Don’t place your desk next to a radiator

* Oak Furniture Solutions do not accept any responsibility for any damage caused to furniture by the following of these guidelines. These guidelines are provided as informed suggestions only and are written as general notes for customers. Customers seeking professional, specific after-care advice should either contact us directly or get in touch with a professional polisher or furniture restorer. 

Matching Furniture Pieces

When you buy a desk, you might also want to consider matching pieces of furniture to give you more storage such as filing cabinets and pedestals. 

The prospect of purchasing a filing cabinet or pedestal is not one that often fills people with excitement, but a filing cabinet needn’t be dull or boring. There are a huge range of stylish and attractive filing cabinets and pedestals that you won’t want to hide away. 

Solid wood filing cabinets are stylish and offer a good amount of storage. Oak filing cabinets and pedestals are typically light in colour and have a prominent unqiue grain. If you’re after a richer, more glamorous look go for a warming dark wood filing cabinet such as mahogany or walnut. Look for desks that are part of a range and they will normally have matching filing cabinets available. 

Filing cabinets are available with varying levels of storage, but generally come with 2 or 3 drawers. 


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