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We have a selection of top quality sofas and sofa beds made to the highest standards. Our modern leather sofas are upholstered in soft luxurious leather. The leather corner sofas come in a choice of left or right hand facing depending on the configuration of your room. Sofa Beds are a great addition to any room. Our collection includes sofa beds with pocket spring mattresses in faux leather or a choice of woven fabric colours and a leather sofa bed with memory foam mattress and action headrest.

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The Maison Contemporary White Platform Sofa Bed
The Maison Contemporary White Platform Sofa Bed
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The Maison Contemporary White Platform Sofa Bed
The Maison Contemporary White Platform Sofa Bed
In Stock
Was £1276.00
Now £638.00
Now £

A Fine Range of Small Leather Sofas

If you’re looking for an attractive sofa that will be ideal for decorating your home, then you’ve come to the right place; at Oak Furniture Solutions, we have gathered up a large range of attractive sofas, from small 2 seater leather sofas to large leather sectional sofas. There is sure to be a sofa within this vast selection that will be to your liking and suit your living room perfectly.

Choose your Small Two Seater Leather Sofa

When you come to us to choose a small leather sofa, you will surely not be disappointed. We have created a collection of fine small 2 seater leather sofas in a range of colours and styles. No matter how you’ve chosen to decorate your room, we will surely have a small leather sofa that will be ideal for your home. We’re dedicated to increasing our range of sofas so that we can always provide our customers with what they want.

Small White Leather Sofas for Smart Homes

Your home and how you’ve chosen to decorate it says a lot about your personality, and that’s something a lot of your customers will pick up on. This means, if there is a chair or a sofa that seems out of place amongst the rest of your furniture, your guest will pick up on this and make a judgement because of it. That’s why, at Oak Furniture Solutions, we provide a selection of small leather sofas in a range of colours. 

Small Black Leather Sofas to Decorate the Room

The colour of your sofa doesn’t just depend on the style of your décor, but on you and your family. If you’ve got small children, for example, a small white leather sofa isn’t likely to last long without being stained. In this case, you may find that you’ll be better with a small black leather sofa or a small brown leather sofa instead.

Large and Small Leather Corner Sofas for Family Homes

Small and large leather corner sofas are ideal for any family. A great way to fully utilize the space available, these corner sofas are attractive and interesting in any living room. This is why, at Oak Furniture Solutions, we have collected and displayed a large selection of attractive, well-made corner sofas.

Large Leather Corner Sofas for the Family

These large and small leather corner sofas are ideal for every family; your children are sure to love and be fascinated by them, and there is nothing as cosy as curling up on one of these beautiful corner sofas as a family to spend time together.

Comfortable Small and Large Leather Armchairs

There’s nothing quite like curling up in a large leather armchair to watch TV or read a book. Relaxing back on your own for a bit of well-deserved you time without having to worry about people flopping down next to you and move your seat or putting their feet up against you. No matter how social you are, it’s always nice to spend some time without other people.

Small Leather Armchairs for Smaller Rooms

Even if you’re worried that you won’t have room in your living room for an armchair, you don’t have to worry; at Oak Furniture Online, we provide both large leather arm chairs and small leather armchairs that can be placed anywhere in the room, so you don’t have to worry about the position of your current furniture, and can leave your living room the way you like it.

Large Leather Sectional Sofas for Large Rooms

For many homes, the living room is the family room, the place you can all settle down and relax with each other. This is why every living room needs to be kitted out for the entire family to relax in; with our large and small leather sectional sofas, you’re sure to achieve this. You can provide the entire family with space to sit with a large leather sectional sofa, or split up arguing siblings with two small leather sectional sofas.

Reliable Delivery of Your Large Leather Sofas

At Oak Furniture Solutions, we’re dedicated to providing our customers with the best service we can, which is why part of our service includes an affordable delivery service that will ship your furniture to you no matter where in the UK you live, and arrive with your large leather sofa in a secure condition. If, for any reason, you’re unhappy with our service, we will be eager to help you and provide you with the support you need.

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