Search for oak furniture wherever you are with our responsive mobile and tablets design!

Try our new mobile & tablet responsive website

Now you can browse and purchase all our furniture whilst on-the-go with our fantastic new mobile and tablet website.

It's simple to navigate - none of that fiddly and frustrating navigation common with phone browsing - letting you find the information you need quickly and efficiently. It has also been optimised to work across a 3G connection so you don't have to wait ages for pages to download.

The site works on all mobile platforms including iphone, Android and Blackberry, but if you're using an older internet enabled phone don't worry as you'll still be able to view a simplified version.

To access the new site simply navigate to Oak Furniture Solutions on your phone and you'll be automatically re-directed to the mobile friendly version of the site, from where you can access all the key information with a few button presses.

Have a good shopping and enjoy!

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